7 Best Gaming Chairs under £150 in the UK (2023)

If you’re looking for the best gaming chairs under £150, you’ve come to the right place. Without a nice gaming chair, a good gaming setup is incomplete. You should have a professional gaming chair if you wish to be a professional gamer. However, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a high-end gaming chair, you should look for the best gaming chair under £150 that is ergonomic and comfortable and doesn’t cause back or neck aches even after extended periods of gaming.

A professional gaming chair may help your gaming setup stand out. It will also assist you in taking care of your back, as back pain can lead to serious health problems. A gamer’s health may be harmed if he plays a game for more than 8 hours every day. A gaming chair with good back support might make you feel more at ease and allow you to play for longer periods of time. You might also like the Best Gaming Chairs under £100

Thes are the best gaming chairs under £150 in the UK

Product’s NameWeight capacityMaterialPrice Guide
Oversteel ULTIMET120 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
Hbada Gaming Chair180 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
GTPLAYER Gaming Chair 150 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair150 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
STmeng Liberty T1180 kgPU, mesh upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
Farini Gaming Chair158 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price
X Rocker Maverick Gaming Chair100 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameCurrent Price

1. Oversteel ULTIMET

Best Gaming Chairs under £150

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Under £150, the Oversteel ULTIMET is one of the best gaming chairs under £150. This gaming chair is composed of premium leatherette and high-density foam and has an excellent ergonomic design. Extra support is provided by the lumbar and neck cushions, allowing you to push through long gaming sessions.

A 350mm nylon base with a class-3 piston and 50mm wheels are included with the gaming chair. To match your gaming setup, the gaming chair comes in four different colours. The 2D armrests may be rotated and adjusted up and down to find the ideal position. The backrest may also be reclined up to 180 degrees, with a safety balancing mechanism at the seat’s base.

The gaming chair has all of the qualities you have been looking for in a chair for gaming. As a result, it ranks first on our list of the best gaming chairs. This chair will surely put you at rest. It is easy to use and set up. You can obtain it right now, and you’ll surely tell others about it.

2. Hbada Gaming Chair

Hbada Gaming Chair

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One of the Best Gaming Chairs Under £150 is the Hbada Gaming Chair. The chair’s body-embracing design accommodates a person’s natural back curve, and the removable lumbar support and headrest guarantee no more back pain or tiredness for extended periods of working or gaming. The gaming chair is made of PU leather, and it has a pleasant scent similar to that of a brand-new automobile. You’ll enjoy it for sure. It is a fantastic gaming experience provided by the thicker 80 cm long backrest.

The seat cushion and backrest are part of an ergonomic design that is exceptionally good for the spinal cord. The neck is supported and the gaming time is increased with the lumbar pillow. It has a 330-pound load capacity and a heavy-duty nylon foundation that is astoundingly strong. It is more stable and productive because of the high-quality metal frame it is made of. To increase the fun when gaming, the chair’s wheel can revolve up to 360 degrees.

The armrests are 7 cm high and may be readily adjusted to accommodate different desk heights and sitting positions. The chair is ideal for a wide range of people because it is simply adjustable up and down by up to 8 cm. This chair is a great option for tall gamers because it is substantially taller than other gaming seats on the market. A padded footrest that is simple and smooth to take out is included with the chair. When you need to read or watch TV, you can lie down and recline.

3. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair 

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair 

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The next option for you is the GTPLAYER gaming chair if you want to get your hands on one of the best gaming chairs under 150. I will first talk about the build quality of this gaming chair which feels pretty durable. It comes with PU upholstery and is well-cushioned. Two additional pillows are also offered to enhance comfort.

The metal frame of this gaming chair makes it sturdy. It comes with a heavy-duty, five-point base which has a smooth-rolling wheel on each end. Therefore, you can easily move this chair from one place to another. The gaming chair is designed in a way to offer proper support to the neck, shoulders and back and prevent fatigue.

Various adjustability features are also offered on this gaming chair which not only makes it more ergonomic but also lets you sit the way you want. The backrest can be tilted from 90 to 150 degrees and the height of the seat can also be adjusted. However, the armrests can not be adjusted but that’s okay for its price tag.

4. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under £150

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The IntimaTe WM Heart is the best gaming chair under £150. The Gaming Chair includes all of the characteristics a gaming chair should have. Because of the ergonomic design of the chair, it is healthful to sit in a good posture. The chair can be adjusted according to personal demands by unlocking the function and pulling the lever outwards. The backrest and seat can be adjusted to a total tilt of 15 degrees. The backrest cannot be tilted independently.

This gaming chair is simple to put together, especially the armrest changes, which may save a lot of time during installation. It also comes with instructions to guide you through the process, so you can get it done quickly. All of the pieces are sturdy and stable; the mechanism and chair foot assure stability; the chair structure is strong to use; the sponge has good elasticity; it can serve a variety of people and will feel extremely comfortable.

The gaming chair has an adjustable lumbar cushion for a comfortable experience; the seat is thicker than standard cushions, measuring 12.5 cm in thickness, and gives good support while working and playing. Noiseless wheels are also included with the gaming chair. They let executive leather office chairs move freely, and their rubber coating protects the floor from damage.

5. STmeng Liberty T1

Best Gaming Chair under £150

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The STmeng Liberty T1 Ergonomic Office Chair is a professional office gaming chair that ranks third on our list of the top gaming chairs under £150. It’s designed to give every user customised lumbar support. In terms of design, the sleek backrest with integrated headrest properly fits the neck curve and back, reducing spine strain and back tension when working or gaming for long periods of time; the padded PU armrest cushions efficiently support and protect your elbows.

The Gaming chair is made of senior PU leather, which is water and perspiration-resistant as well as easy to clean. In the back and cushion position, there is breathable skin-friendly mesh. The chair also has an 8cm high-density foam cushion for ultimate comfort, whether you’re sitting for lengthy periods of time at the office or gaming on the computer.

The gaming chair’s back support can be tilted from 90° to 110°, and it has a 360° swivel and a 10cm adjustable height, allowing you to choose a more comfortable sitting posture for the best sitting experience. The 360° mute scroll wheel responds to your instruction and moves to any corner of the room, giving you a good sense of mobility. It’s also equipped with an industrial-grade class-3 gas lift, which helps to ensure your safety while also offering the extra adjustability you require.

6. Farini Gaming Chair

Farini Gaming Chair

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Farini Gaming Chair is the next on our list of the best gaming chairs under 150. While gaming on this gaming chair, you are not going to feel tired easily, as it features a comfortable and ergonomic design that helps to alleviate strains and fatigue that may occur after long gaming sessions. With a wide seat and extra padding, this chair is suitable for heavy and large players too.

The gaming chair has a sturdy build quality and has steel reinforcement. The caster wheels move smoothly without making any squeaky noise. Moreover, it allows easy adjustments. You can adjust the height of the seat as per your convenience and you can also tilt the backrest of this gaming chair.

Liftable armrests are offered on this gaming chair so you get to adjust their height. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel so that your movement does not get restricted. A neck pillow and a lumbar pillow are offered which further add to the ergonomics of this gaming chair. You can surely consider purchasing this gaming chair if you are looking for a durable and comfortable gaming chair.

7. X Rocker Maverick Gaming Chair

X Rocker Maverick Gaming Chair

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The X Rocker Maverick is a versatile gaming chair for all-purpose use, whether you’re conquering the virtual battlefield or tackling those spreadsheets. With curved padded armrests for long-term, ergonomic comfort and support, the gaming chair includes a built-in natural lumbar support curve designed to adjust your posture.

This gaming chair is perfectly sized for juniors, teens, and young adults, with a tiny frame, elegant shape, and ergonomic design. It’s a multi-functional desk chair that keeps you moving for optimal efficiency thanks to its 360-degree swivel pedestal base and smooth glide castor wheels. Ideal for eSports gaming, homework study sessions, and remote work. 

On Using the gas lift mechanism, you may vary the seat height from 41 to 51 cm to suit each user’s height while keeping your feet flat on the floor for a good anchor point. With a thickly padded foam seat, back, headrest, and armrests, you may stay in the zone of comfort for hours. Overall, the gaming chair is fantastic and well worth the money.

FAQs about the best gaming chairs under £150

Which is the best gaming chair under £150?

The Oversteel ULTIMET is the best gaming chair under £150. The gaming chair is built of good quality leatherette and high-density foam. It has a great ergonomic design

Are gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, they totally worth it. You can spend on a gaming chair if you are planning to build a gaming PC. Gaming chairs come with many features that make the gaming experience more fun.

What are the top 5 best gaming chairs under 150?

These are the top 5 best gaming chairs under 150 –
1. Oversteel ULTIMET
2. Hbada Gaming Chair
3. GTPLAYER Gaming Chair
4. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair
5. STmeng Liberty T1

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