6 Best Gaming Chairs under £300 in the UK (2023)

Are you concerned that you can’t find the best gaming chairs under £300? If so, there’s no need to worry because I’ll show you some of the best gaming chairs under £300 that have everything a great gaming chair ought to have. I’ve made this list after conducting extensive research for reviews and using some of them myself.

Your gaming experience is improved by a good gaming chair, which elevates it. Gaming chairs have a wide range of advantages and there is no turning back once you begin using a good gaming chair. This chair stands out thanks to its supportive cushion, thick padding, and tapered backrest. The main advantage of a gaming chair is that it promotes good posture by supporting your upper body, back, arms, and legs as you sit in it.

You can concentrate on your work more effectively because you are able to focus less energy on your muscles. Gaming chairs are not just for avid players. They are designed to be supportive and comfortable for you. They usually improve your posture, keeping your muscles active and preventing you from feeling stressed. If you invest in a top-notch gaming chair today, you can prevent harm to your back, neck, and shoulders. You might also like the Best Gaming Chairs under £400

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These are the best gaming chairs under £300 in the UK

Gaming Chair’s NameWeight CapacityMaterialBuying Guide
Corsair T3 Rush120 kgPolyester upholstery and Steel frameBuy from Amazon
AutoFull Gaming Chair160 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameBuy from Amazon
NOKAXUS Gaming Chair163 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameBuy from Amazon
KLIM Esports150 kgPU upholstry and Metal frameBuy from Amazon
Corsair T1 Race120 kgPU upholstery and Steel frameBuy from Amazon
Trust GXT 716150 kgPU upholstery and Metal frameBuy from Amazon

1. Corsair T3 Rush

Best Gaming chairs under £300

Current Price

Corsair T3 Rush is one of the best gaming chairs under £300 and has taken the top position on my list. Because of features like amazing build quality, a stylish design, an especially appealing size, neutral colour schemes, and 4D armrests, this gaming chair is at the top of my list. These features make it unquestionably a sound purchase and will expand your long-term gaming space.

This gaming chair’s overall design is cosy, and it has plenty of padding in all the right places. The build quality is exactly what you would expect from a CORSAIR product. Although most of the parts are made of plastic, they all feel high-quality and are still offered at a premium price. Overall, the T3 RUSH occupies a distinctive position due to its smaller size and range of colours.

The T3 RUSH offers excellent neck and back support thanks to a padded neck cushion and memory foam lumbar support. You can now spread out, take a deep breath, and relax while you wait for the respawn. Moreover, with the adjustable armrests, seat height, and backrest that reclines, you can also easily customise your sitting position. Overall, this is an amazing gaming chair that you could get at this price rate.

2. AutoFull Gaming Chair

Best Gaming chairs under £300

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Another gaming chair on our list of best gaming chairs under £300, we have AutoFull Gaming chair. ThieAutoFull chair is ergonomic and stylish, and it has a curved wrap-around design that conforms to your body for the best gaming experience. It also has flexible, adjustable head and lumbar pillows that offer better comfort and support and prevents back pain and fatigue from long periods of gaming or working.

Under the seat cushion of this gaming chair is an SSG-level cylinder, which makes adjusting the height simple and quick and aids in sitting comfortably for extended periods of work. Moreover, it shows the chair has a high level of protection. This chair can recline back to a specific angle in the 90° to 155° range, and its locking mechanism assists in setting and locking that specific angle to allow for sleep during a busy schedule. Also, Depending on your priorities, the 2D armrest can lift down to 2.8′′ and rotate left and right up to 45°.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair, the AutoFull gaming chair is the most comfortable for longer gaming sessions. The chairs from AutoFull are likely to be to your taste, whether you’re looking for a pink gaming chair, an entry-level chair that is reasonably priced, or one that would satisfy professional gamers.

3. NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

Best Gaming chair under £300

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This gaming chair is made up of high-quality materials and has a high back that covers the entire body of the person using it and is ideal for providing support. This chair satisfies all the requirements set forth by the video game. This inexpensive gaming chair has a plusher backrest and a soft seat cushion. The headrest and lumbar pillow can be adjusted to fit the neck and waist.

This ergonomically designed gaming chair features 360-degree rotation, an adjustable height, a USB waist massage pillow, an adjustable waist pillow, and a head pillow. It also includes a footrest and a massage function. The chair will accommodate your various needs for work, play, rest, and massage after the back angle has been changed from 90 to 183 degrees. Additionally, the waist pillow has a USB massage function.

In order to increase the appeal and persuade customers to purchase this fantastic product, it provides a money-back guarantee and a parts return warranty within a specific time frame. With all these unrivalled features, it can recline back to a specific angle so you can take a nap and stay relaxed during the hectic gaming period. This is the best gaming chair overall.

4. KLIM Esports

KLIM Esports

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The KLIM Esports Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs under 300. Assembling this gaming chair is very easy and it will hardly take you half an hour to do so. After you assemble the chair, you will find a number of ergonomic features on this gaming chair which include an adjustable seat and backrest, 4D armrests, lumbar support and head cushion. This gaming chair also serves the purpose of a rocking chair.

This gaming chair feels pretty sturdy and it can bear a load of up to 150 kg. It has a clean look and a great finish. The cushioning is up to the mark. The upholstery is made up of PU leather which seems durable and of good quality. The armrests are made up of plastic but do not feel flimsy and can be smoothly adjusted. I also appreciate the quality of the base and the wheels which allow easy movement of this gaming chair.

The backrest can be adjusted up to 160 degrees but it would have been better if the option of tilting it to 180 degrees was offered. Also, this gaming chair lacks a footrest. So you will not be able to enjoy a complete lying position on it. I find the backrest to be very comfortable but because the headrest is very firm so some of you may not like how it supports your head and neck. By and large, this gaming chair can be considered for purchase.

5. Corsair T1 Race

Corsair T1 Race

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This chair is made of breathable PU leather and features a headrest pillow, freely adjustable lumbar support, and an adjustable reclining mechanism that lets you lock into any reclining position between 90 and 155 degrees to protect your neck and spine. Additionally, this gaming chair has lumbar support, a cushioned headrest pillow, and a back that is so comfortable that it conforms to and supports your spine. This provides additional comfort for those long workdays.

You can adjust the height of this premium gaming chair to meet your needs. This gaming chair’s control handle can be pulled out, allowing for backward and forward tilt; simply push it in to prevent tilting. This chair comes in a lovely assortment of colours so that you can pick your favourite. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you’ll be connected and prepared to play in no time.

This chair is nice overall and has a lovely colour. It possesses all the qualities you would want in a gaming chair and I didn’t find any major drawback that was important for you to know. If you want to improve your gaming while staying comfortable, you must have this chair.

6. Trust GXT 716

 Trust Gaming Chair

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Trust GXT is one of the most stylish gaming chairs on our list of best gaming chairs under £300. This gaming chair is very durable due to its sturdy base frame. This top-notch gaming chair is completely adjustable to your preferences. With the class 4 gas lift, the seat itself is height-adjustable, and the tiltable backrest will give you more than enough support to keep you gaming in comfort. Large wheels give you plenty of mobility, and the seating rotates completely 360 degrees so you can easily turn around when necessary.

The Trust GXT 716 Rizza is both fashionable and comfortable. The neck and lumbar pillows are responsible for their comfort, and the fully integrated RGB LED-illuminated edges add a stylish touch that will make the Rizza the focal point of your game room and improve its aesthetic appeal. Because the bright RGB tubes can be set to 12 different fixed colours, the brightness can be changed, and you can select from more than 350 different RGB modes using the remote control, this gaming chair can be truly customised. There is no need to connect a cable to your PC because the lights are powered by the included power bank. 

One of the best decisions you could make is to purchase this premium chair of excellent quality. If you want a gaming chair with an impressive appearance, a comfortable seat, and a price that won’t break the bank, this chair might be worth taking into consideration.

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