Best Gaming Chairs under £400 in the UK (June 2022)

Every gamer understands the value of having a good gaming chair. The components of this gaming chair must be comfy in order to provide a comfortable gaming experience. Because the market has been full of them, it can be tough to select the best gaming chairs, but you don’t need to worry as I have compiled a list of the best gaming chairs under £400 that are impressive and can be bought without any second thought. Every gamer has distinct preferences, and it is difficult to find a chair that meets your personal needs. Some gamers are ready to spend a premium for a comfortable and high-quality gaming chair, but others are looking for a low-cost gaming chair.

Your perfect gaming chair is entirely dependent on your preferences. Back support, comfort, a smooth swivel, affordability, a sleek design, and a sufficient height are all necessary aspects of a good gaming chair. Other appealing features include adjustable armrests, a footrest, non-scratching wheels, a lumbar massage pillow, and excellent reclining control.  The best gaming chairs for you can have a varied set of qualities, but conducting some research before purchasing the chair might be beneficial and I have done that for you. You might also like the Best Gaming Chair under £200.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer, so let’s get started with our first product.

These are the best gaming chairs under £400 in the UK that you can buy right now

Gaming Chair’s NameBuying Guide
KLIM eSports Gaming ChairBuy from Amazon
AutoFull Gaming ChairBuy from Amazon
Corsair T3 Rush Gaming ChairBuy from Amazon
Corsair T2 Road WarriorBuy from Amazon
Razer Iskur Premium Gaming ChairBuy from Amazon

1. KLIM eSports Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs under £400

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KLIM Esports gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs under £400 on our list, and it is of high quality. Unlike many other chairs on the market, it is made of the best materials available: reinforced stainless steel, high-density foam, and polished faux leather. The chair’s pneumatic lumbar support is unique and functional, and I’m not aware of another gaming chair that has it. This high-end chair will help you improve your posture and care for your back. Its thick foam will help your posture, and the lumbar and neck cushions will keep your back in good shape. It offers the ideal seat and backrest to let you sit upright for long periods of time each day.

Also, the fully adjustable armrests keep your shoulders, arms, and wrists from becoming overworked. Moreover, it is really comfy, and the superb finish will wow you as soon as you sit on it. Its ergonomic and stylish design makes it the ideal gaming, desk, or office chair. Overall, the build quality is excellent. This gaming chair is suitable for those measuring 1.60 m to 2 m and can support up to 150 kg.

The gaming chair is fully adjustable on all levels, allowing it to be exactly tailored to you. Its backrest can be reclined up to 160o, the rocking mechanism can be toggled, the seat can be raised or lowered, and the armrests can be adjusted in 6 directions, making it extremely comfortable. This gaming chair is built to last for many years, eliminating the need to replace it on a regular basis. Rather than replacing a worn-out chair due to low quality every year, make a safe bet and invest in your health and peace of mind with this chair.

2. AutoFull Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs under £400

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The AutoFull Gaming Chair is the next option on our list of the best gaming chairs under £400. In terms of design, the chair has a curved wrap-around design that conforms to your body for a perfect gaming experience and has a flexible adjustable head and lumbar pillows that provide better comfort and support at multiple latitudes, and you will no longer experience back pain or fatigue from long periods of gaming or working.

There is also a pull-out footrest for ultimate foot relaxation, which is ideal for games and office breaks. This gaming chair is really comfy and has a 13cm thick cushion with good resilience that will not collapse even after prolonged gaming sessions. It is made of PU and carbon fibre leather, which gives more pleasant tactility than regular leather and therefore ensures the gaming desk chair’s service life and safety.

The gaming chair is impressive, has excellent ergonomics, and is quite comfy. Padding-wise, it’s fairly solid without being overly stiff. It’s a nice sensation to be able to sit and work for hours without getting kinks in your neck when you stand up. The backrest is particularly excellent because it is somewhat solid, which is ideal for keeping posture.

3. Corsair T3 Rush Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs under £400

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The Corsair T3 RUSH Gaming Chair is another best gaming chair under £400 which is extremely supportive for your neck and back thanks to its padded neck cushion and memory foam lumbar support. This gaming chair lets you stretch out, and wait in comfort for that respawn. The chair features a fairly normal race car bucket set style and allows the chair to hold greater weight while also being lighter, allowing users to position the chair in whatever location they need.

This gaming chair is available in Charcoal Black, Gray/White, or Gray Charcoal. The chair also includes some nice fabric work. It complements the bucket seat shape and has excellent stitching. The armrests are also finished in carbon fibre, which is a really cool addition to an already best gaming chair.

The gaming chair is easy to put together. As long as the box is well covered and protected, everything will fit well. There’s a nice assembly manual with lots of translation and excellent, in-depth explanations. I’m expecting that if you’re quick, you’ll be done in less than an hour if not less than 30 minutes. As a precaution, there are two extra screws on the box in case one of the screws is misplaced. Also, the armrests are pre-installed, which is convenient.

4. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

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The Corsair T2 Road Warrior gaming chair is a pretty specific kind of chair that will appeal to very certain tastes. Most gaming chairs I’ve sat in have a more cushioned feel to them, offering a midpoint between a couch and a desk chair for casual gaming sessions. The cushion on this gaming chair is substantially firmer, as are the lumbar and neck pillows.

The gaming chair is ergonomically built, with a naturally curving backrest, elevated pedestal base, fully padded foam interior, and fixed armrests to keep you supported over extended durations of games.  It’s made of soft and long-lasting imitation leather with a spectacular racing-inspired design in black and white. Now you don’t need to worry about having the long gaming sessions.

The chair was simple to put together. I completed it in approximately 20 minutes with the provided Allen key. It took me a little longer to customise the chair to my liking, but that’s a testament to how many alternatives there are. Adjustability is the most critical characteristic of a desk chair because it is what makes a desk chair comfortable for more than one very specific body type, and the gaming chair excels in this area. Its armrests glide up and down, front and backward, and left and right, allowing you to select your ideal posture, while the gas lift provides 85mm of up and down mobility.

5. Razer Iskur Premium Gaming Chair

 Razer Iskur

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Razer Iskur premium Gaming chair is also one of the best gaming chairs under £400 it has colour and style that is extremely remarkable, and it was made keeping the aesthetics in mind. The multi-layered synthetic leather material is all black with varied patterns across all parts, while the stitching is the renowned Razer green that emphasises every rise and fall of the chair’s form, as well as every edge and design form line. It’s sleek, appealing, and generally has a terrific design.

This gaming chair has a huge black seat with solid and substantial padding for both your back and glutes and is symmetrical in shape, expanding with slight curves across the shoulders and contracting to a rounded rectangle toward the head. The seat and backrest have a hexagonal pattern, and the armrests are plain black. Iskur is without a doubt the comfiest computer chair I’ve ever used. The seat and backrest are both extremely solid and provide enough support, as long as you remember to sit up straight and lean back. If you have difficulty with this, you can change the seat’s pitch to meet your specific contours.

The adjustable lumbar support is centrepiece of the Iskur’s design. Instead of additional cushions or somewhat bulging lumbar systems, the Iskur uses a cushioned and comfortable trapdoor-type system that can be flipped out to support your lower back as much as you and your body require. The ‘4D’ armrests on the gaming chair allow you to adjust them back, front, side-to-side, up and down, and rotate them to the optimal position for your positioning.


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