Crypto network Solana Partners with Google Cloud

Solana (SOC) has announced a new partnership with Google that will make the crypto project and the tech colossal have a number of integrations. Solana declared in the last annual event Breakpoint of 2022 that Google Cloud will become a Solana node validator. This was amongst the most important announcements in the last few years regarding the crypto project.

Solana is one of the largest yet expanding crypto projects in the market. At the Breakpoint 2022 event, which took place in Lisbon, Solana proclaimed that they are making Google Cloud their node validator by partnering with it. This is one of the most significant amalgamations between Solana and some other companies, which is Google in this case.

To start as early as possible next year is the goal. this integration will make it possible for users to bring out their own dedicated Solana node using cloud solutions. Although this technology was already accessible for other blockchain networks, Google’s technology was not used. This is a great leap for Solana, as such, which makes numerous users and user cases outreach its networks.

Another major event which needs to be thrown light upon is that Solana is set to launch its own smartphones that will be available for booking in early 2023. This adds up to the essential announcement that Solana has made, which lets it get an upper hand over other companies. This systemization that Solana has with respect to development and projects proves advantageous to it in the crypto industry.

However, no official dates for pre-ordering Solana smartphones have been released. Having said that, these phones carry a special feature which allows their users to store private keys. For crypto users, particularly the ones who want to be in control of their coins all the time, private keys are essential. Therefore, these smartphones will be very beneficial to safeguard the digital assets of users.

After making these announcements, Solana has witnessed a positive effect. The coins’ value has increased by 10.2% in the last 7 days, making it the 10th largest virtual currency in the market. the coin has outperformed other coins which too had a very good week that include Polygon (MATIC) and Polkadot (DOT).

One of the most popular crypto price aggregators in the market, Coin Gecko, has shared data which mentions that Solana has a value of $36.33 per coin and a market capitalization of $12.99 billion. Last week was very profitable not only for Solana but most of the digital currencies in the market with few coins recording over 10% of gains.

Also, after Elon Musk took over Twitter, Dogecoin (DOGE) showed more than a double increase in price. Litecoin (LTE), after its latest collaboration with Moneygram, has gained a value of about $70 per coin. That being the case, digital assets have seen a very productive week. Solana can now be considered on the list with double-digit gains during the same time period. After these integrations and announcements take place practically, the change in the price of this currency will be interesting to note.

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