Framework laptops are now officially supported with Thunderbolt 4

It has been announced by Framework that its standard and Chromebook Edition laptops are now going to be Thunderbolt 4 certified. This clearly means that all the notebooks will now officially support all Thunderbolt 4-certified peripherals, it also means that there will fewer issues while connecting all such devices.

Laptops that support Framework allow users to make a laptop that meets all the requirements and needs. All thanks to the four USB4 ports on the sides of their cases.

From now, both the Framework Chromebook Edition and standard Framework laptops are now officially certified for Thunderbolt 4. This certified that it supported its first iteration shipped out the last year. Unfortunately, Framework didn’t pass all the rigorous tests that a very popular Intel brand requires for Thunderbolt 4 certification. Although Framework’s laptops supported all the Thunderbolt 4 peripherals, the experience was not that good.

But the all-new certification means that now Framework devices can work smoothly with 100 percent of Thunderbolt 4 certified accessories and all the peripherals. You will be able to plug in your Thunderbolt displays, graphics, docks, and other devices flawlessly everything should work smoothly and properly.

It requires an update of firmware to version 3.06. The update of the framework includes security fixes and battery life improvements. Unfortunately, all the firmware and Thunderbolt certifications will only be valid for 12th Gen Intel processor devices. If you are worried about how to install it for your device then don’t worry, Framework will post this instruction on how to install it in near future.

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