Nothing Phone 1: Here’s What We Know So Far

On the 12th of July, the world is going to witness the official launch of a new smartphone called Nothing Phone 1. But something is interesting to know if you’re a fan because the company has decided not to wait too long to create some buzz on social media. Leaks are inevitable in the run-up to the launch of any new smartphone and so, Nothing has made a very interesting move by fully showing off the style of the phone by posting the first videos on social media, rather than containing the leaks.

There is a similarity between the Phone 1 and the Ear 1 wireless earbuds which were launched the previous year. This is the transparent tech which is the common aspect. The profile of this phone looks quite similar to that of an iPhone, with iPhone’s trademark features like flat sides and rounded corners. You might also like the Best phones under £600 in the UK

The sides of the Phone 1 are designed using 100% recycled aluminium along with stealthy antenna bands. With a power button on the phone’s right edge, volume buttons on the left side and a USB-C port at the bottom, you will easily get used to the overall look and feel if you have used an iPhone before.

Nothing Phone 1 Pictures:

The transparent design of this phone is one thing, but something even more fascinating is its light-up elements. Surrounding the camera lens there are LED strips, which we can assume is the wireless charging coil. In all of the preview images and videos posted on social media by Nothing, they appear to be white. We still don’t know if they will light up in various colours or not. In the past, Android smartphones used to come with notification LEDs, but anyway, that was a thing of the past.

It is a safe bet to assume that Nothing’s ambition is to manufacture mid-range or affordable flagship phones for its fans. This is evident from the fact that the firm has designed Phone 1 with a dual-camera layout.

The white version of the phone is doing the rounds on social media, but we also expect the black version to come out as well. Let’s not forget that we only got a glimpse of the phone’s rear side. So, let’s stay tuned for further updates from Nothing if we wish to see anything eye-catching on the front side!

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