How to buy a Gaming Keyboard: Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

This guide will make you well versed in how to buy a gaming keyboard. If you are in search of a more durable and better-responding keyboard for your game, you need to replace your normal keyboard with a gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard will uplift your game as it will provide you with a control finer over your game than what your normal keyboard provides.

Although buying a gaming keyboard is not very complicated, certain details do need to be checked for in a gaming keyboard before you purchase it. A good gaming keyboard will be sturdy and will not lag providing you with a smooth gaming experience. Let’s have a look at all the features you need to take care of when you buy a gaming keyboard. You might also want to check the Best Gaming Keyboards under £60.

Quick tips:

  • Size: Gaming keyboards come in different sizes like full-sized, TKL or Tenkeyless, 60%, etc.
  • Mechanical or membrane: Mechanical keyboard uses a spring mechanism to work whereas a membrane keyboard uses a rubber pad. Mechanical keyboards seem more convenient for gaming purposes.
  • Build quality: Prefer keyboards with a strong body made up of aluminium. spill-resistant keyboards are also available.
  • Anti-ghosting: Gaming keyboards provide the feature of anti-ghosting so that no keystroke is missed when pressing multiple keys simultaneously.
  • Wireless or wired: Wired keyboards are a better option since they respond very fast and you do not need to worry about batteries.
  • RGB: RGB lights will enhance the look of your keyboard and make it look more stylish.
  • Comfort: Gaming keyboards with ergonomic designs are available so that your hands and wrists do not get strained.

Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide


Gaming keyboards are available in different sizes. So before you select a keyboard for yourself, you need to decide which size is apt for you. Commonly, three sizes of keyboards are available:

  1. Full-sized (104 keys)
  2. TKL or Tenkeyless (87 keys)
  3. 60% (68 keys)

The full-sized keyboard consists of a number pad, home cluster, function keys, and arrow keys. TKL or tenkeyless keyboard comes with all keys that a full-sized keyboard consists of except for the number pad, making the TKL keyboard more compact. The 60% keyboard lacks the arrow keys, home cluster, number pad, and function row. 60% of keyboards, as such, are a bit difficult to get used to. Other sizes available include 90% keyboard, 75% keyboard, 65% keyboard, 50% keyboard and 40% keyboard.

Mechanical and membrane keyboards:

How to buy a Gaming Keyboard

The next thing you need to decide before buying a keyboard is whether you want a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard. Let’s differentiate the two. A mechanical keyboard uses an individual switch for each key. It has a spring mechanism for working. When a key is pressed, it touches the spring mechanism and the key gets registered. The keys on a mechanical keyboard can be pressed lightly and they’ll function, although they produce a sound on pressing. Mechanical keyboards prove advantageous as they are more durable and have less latency.

On the other hand, when a key on the membrane keyboard is pressed, it forces a rubber layer under the keys to touch the circuit at the point of impact and that key gets registered. This keyboard does not produce a sound on pressing the keys but the keys have to be pressed very hard in order to function. Membrane keyboards, although not as durable and fast as mechanical keyboards, are portable and cost-effective.

Build quality

This guide on how to buy a gaming keyboard will surely stress the build quality of the keyboard gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard has to withstand countless, aggressive keystrokes; since a gamer can get very aggressive while playing. If the weight of the keyboard is not an issue for you, prefer a keyboard having an aluminium body. Though a plastic keyboard might be worth it at times, avoid cheap plastic keyboards as they do not last long. To add to durability, some keyboards offer spill resistance also.

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover

When playing a game, certain moves require a number of keys to be pressed simultaneously. Many a time, all the keys do not get registered at once. But gaming keyboards do take care of this problem by providing the anti-ghosting feature. Another term to know here is the n-key rollover which refers to the number of keys you can press simultaneously and they’ll all get registered in a single go. So more the n-key rollover your keyboard provides, the more keys will get registered simultaneously.

Certain keyboards are available in the market which has a dedicated set of macro buttons. A macro button is a single key that when pressed performs a series of keystrokes. This button acts as a shortcut for functions requiring simultaneous key presses.

Wireless or wired

Keyboards can be connected to your device through a wire or through wireless means like Bluetooth and Wifi. But if you are purchasing a keyboard for gaming purposes, always prefer a wired keyboard. The pros of using a wired keyboard are many as compared to a wireless keyboard. Wired keyboards have a lesser response time which is one of the biggest factors that influences your game. You do not want to miss out on any action in your game due to a lag in your wireless keyboard. Also, battery life isn’t an issue if you are using a wired keyboard.

RGB Lighting

How to buy a Gaming Keyboard

RGB refers to red, blue and green lights provided in gaming keyboards to make them look more stylish. Although this feature does not have any practical use in a gaming keyboard, it does enhance the look of your keyboard and makes it look cool. You might want to consider this feature if you are a live streamer to attract your audience.


Comfort is an important factor to take care of if you spend long gaming hours. Some keyboards come with an ergonomic design. These keyboards have a gap in the middle or are completely split into two parts. The position of keys in such keyboards matches the angle of your hands at the resting position. So your wrists will not get strained and you’ll be provided with more comfort. Gaming keyboards come with palm rests and adjustable feet so that you can set your keyboard to an ideal position. Keeping the above attributes in mind, hope you have now figured out how to buy a gaming keyboard.

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