Gaming Headset Buying Guide: All You Need to Know

Looking forward to buying gaming headphones but confused about how to buy the best pair? Then this gaming headset buying guide is definitely for you. As a gamer, you would know how important sound is during the game. With better sound quality, microphone features, and an attractive look, a gamer has every reason to buy gaming headphones. Plus, if you want to make a serious gaming career, good gaming headphones are a must. Gaming headphones will, for sure, enhance your gaming sessions and make them more exciting.

Indeed, many options of gaming headphones are available to you but all of them might not be worth buying. This guide will ease your search as it explains all things you need to know prior to buying gaming headphones. Keep reading to find your all-in-one audio solution. You might also like the Best Headphones under £50.

Quick Tips:

  • Sound Quality: Choose gaming headphones that provide you with surround sound so that you know the direction the sound is actually coming from.
  • Comfort: Do not compromise comfort at any cost. Discomfort can affect your gameplay in some or the other way. Select headphones with comfortable earpads.
  • Microphone: HeadphoneS having a retractable mic with flip to mute option and active sound cancellation is a good choice.
  • Adjustability and foldability: Headphones with adjustable earcups and the ability to fold are a pick.
  • Noise cancellation: Headphones providing active sound cancellation must be preferred so that no outdoor sound is heard. In turn, even low-volume sounds coming from the headphones will be heard.
  • Build quality: Select metal-reinforced headphones. Do not consider cheap plastic headphones.
  • Portability: The weight of the headphones is an important factor when it comes to portability. Try not to go for very heavy headphones.
  • Connectivity and Compatibility: Headphones can be connected to your PC or mobile phone through a 3.5 mm jack, through USB, or by Bluetooth. Always check the compatibility of the product with your device.

Gaming headset buying guide

Sound quality

A good quality sound is the most basic thing to look out for in gaming headphones. Gaming headphones with surround sound quality should be selected. Surround sound headphones come with multiple speakers that are able to create the sensation of sound coming from different directions. Surround sound plays a very important role in games like ‘Counter Strike’ and ‘Call of Duty where an enemy can approach you in any direction. Surround sound helps you hear in the direction of action. It provides a 360-degree soundscape and makes your gaming experience more interesting.

Surround sound is of two types – A virtual surround system and a true surround system. The virtual surround system is software based. it boosts gaming sound with the help of software. So, the better the software optimization, the more enhanced will be the sound quality. On the other hand, the true surround system uses physical drivers to boost sound and seems to be a better option for gaming purposes.


When buying gaming headphones, you must check whether it is comfortable for you or not, especially if you spend longer gaming hours. The material used in the earpads will determine the level of comfort headphones offer. For example, if headphones provide you with earpads made up of memory foam, it is going to be very comfortable.

If comfort is compromised in gaming headphones, it will affect the quality of your game in one way or the other. You won’t be able to play for long as they might cause headaches, neck pain, and sore ears. In addition, playing for longer periods might trap heat and sweat. Friction can build up over time adding to the discomfort. To tackle this, headphones with cooling gel earpads are also available.

Gamers who wear specs should take care of this feature even more because wearing specs and headphones at the same time often becomes uneasy for the gamer. Memory foam makes sure that comfort is not compromised for those gamers who wear specs. Also, some headphones have eyewear channel in the earpads which make them even more convenient and comfortable.


Gaming Headset Buying Guide

A good quality microphone in headphones is essential especially if you play online multi-player games consisting of other participants with whom you need to communicate. A good quality microphone will also provide you with active noise cancellation so that no background sound is inputted.

Headphones come with a retractable mic that can be flipped back when not in use. A retractable mic with flip to mute option is even better, particularly for people who live stream. Some headphones also come with a detachable microphone.

Adjustability and Foldability

This gaming headphones buying guide will surely emphasize adjustability. Headphones that come with adjustable earcups can be easily fitted on the ear. A perfectly fitted headset is recommended as it will be more comfortable and will be better able to cancel outdoor noise. Gaming headphones that can be folded should be preffered since they can be easily carried while traveling.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a very good feature to look for while buying gaming headphones. This feature cancels any outdoor sound so that you are able to hear even the slightest sound coming from your headphones. This feature is quite rare and is only seen in high-end headphones. Though it might cost you extra, it is a good feature to invest in.

Build Quality

Gaming Headset Buying Guide

The next feature which we’ll be talking about in this gaming headset buying guide is the build quality. Do not buy headphones made up of cheap plastic. Plastic headphones make a lot of sounds even when pushed a little. Purchase headphones that are reinforced with metal like steel or aluminium. Headphones having a metal skeleton will be more durable and sturdy.


Gaming headphones should be lightweight and comfortable. They should not be excessively heavy as they’ll become uncomfortable. So, the weight of the headphones needs to be checked before purchasing the headphone. Headphones which weigh up to 300 grams are good to go. A weight of 350 grams is fine but a headset weighing more than 350 grams is a bit heavier and might become uncomfortable, especially for long gaming sessions. Gaming headsets are usually heavier, weighing even up to 600 grams. So gaming headphones need to be checked for comfort before purchasing.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Connectivity refers to the means by which your headphones are connected to your PC or mobile phone or any other device. On the basis of connectivity, headphones can be of two types – Analogue and Digital. The analog ones used a 3.5 mm jack for connectivity. They are low-budget headphones and good to use with mobile phones. Digital headphones, on the other hand, use USB for connectivity. They are more expensive but provide better sound quality. Digital headphones are good to use with a PC. Although they can be used with mobile phones as well, do not always support them. Other than these, headphones can also be connected through Bluetooth to your device.

Always check whether the gaming headset you are buying is compatible with the device you are going to use them with. Some headphones are compatible with most devices like PCs, mobile phones, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, etc.

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