Best Gaming Keyboards under £30 in the UK (September 2022)

If you are a committed player, you will need a gaming keyboard since the added functionality that gaming keyboards provide can help you execute particular activities swiftly and consistently. I’ve compiled a list of the best gaming keyboards under £30 that will undoubtedly impress you. These keyboards were made only after significant research and reading several reviews. Also, I have mentioned the pros and cons of all the keyboards that will make you differentiate the keyboards.

Gaming keyboards are primarily intended for use in gaming. They include extras like customizable keys, RGB backlights, and media controls, which help to improve a user’s gaming experience. Gaming keyboards are good for typing if you like the sound and feel of them. Mechanical keyboards, particularly ones with Cherry MX blue switches, may become rather loud while typing quickly. However, for many people, brown switches are suitable for both typing and gaming. You might also like the Best Gaming Keyboard under £50

Let us get started with the article titled, best gaming keyboards under £30.

These are the Best gaming keyboards under £30

Gaming Keyboard’s NameBuyin Guide
Corsair K55Buy from Amazon
Logitech G213Buy from Amazon
Razer Cynosa LiteBuy from Amazon
SteelSeries Apex 3 TKLBuy from Amazon
Black Shark Sixgill K2Buy from Amazon
HyperX Alloy CoreBuy from Amazon

1. Corsair K55

Current Price

The Corsair K55 is one of the best gaming keyboards under £30, on our list that comes with a lot of amazing features that will wow you. You might be wondering why I choose this gaming keyboard as one of the best and also on the top, the reason is its features like Per-key RGB lighting gives it a very attractive look, Programmable macro buttons, Discrete media controls, and Detachable wrist rest.

The Corsair K55’s keyboard has good typing accuracy and soft, mushy keys. You will never get tired when typing for extended periods of time because they are easy to operate. Fortunately, the keys are fairly stable, and there is enough room between them for you to possibly avoid making typos. The latency on this keyboard is also impressive and also while gaming you might not even notice any delays.

The Corsair K55 RGB offers the perfect chance to get a wonderful gaming keyboard with some of the extra features RGB gaming keyboards typically have without spending a tonne of money. While being built so well, it is also obvious that it won’t break and won’t feel flimsy in your hands. I’m happy to say that it is the best keyboard and well worth the money because of how well it works in a gaming environment, additional macro buttons, and high-quality design.


  • Per-key RGB lighting gives it a very attractive look
  • Programmable macro buttons
  • Discrete media controls
  • Detachable wrist rest


  • The design could have been a lot better

2. Logitech G213

Current Price

This gaming keyboard has absolutely superb typing accuracy and satisfying tactile feedback. Moreover, even though the keys are secure, typing on the ABS keycaps feels rather flimsy. On the plus side, typing doesn’t feel heavy or wearisome when done for extended periods of time. Additionally, the typing feels light because it doesn’t take much pressure to press the keys. The keyboard also gives a good response when used for gaming.

The gaming keyboard’s typing noise is minimal and shouldn’t annoy those around you. The compatibility with gaming keyboards is decent, everything functions as expected, and you have access to all customization options. Every key works clearly and correctly, and using them won’t cause any issues.

The Logitech G213 Prodigy is a decent gaming keyboard, in my opinion. They will be more adaptable and less clunky for free swipes, enabling fluid control throughout your games. This mouse has a solid reputation in the gaming community and won’t let you down during extended gaming sessions.


  • Very low typing noise
  • Many lighting schemes
  • You can sync this keyboard with other Logitech G products
  • Spill-resistant


  • No passthrough ports or volume dial

3. Razer Cynosa Lite

Current Price

The Razer Cynosa Lite is an amazing choice for those who are looking for the best gaming keyboards under £30. It is soft, quite and gives a good typing experience. It has good buttons: light and soft, thus the typing experience is so comfortable and quite. Although it has a light and soft buttons, one can not compare the keyboard with mechanical ones. These keyboards offer more speed, weight and action. But we should not expect such features from a budget gaming keyboard.

The keyboard is made from plastic, we can not expect a metal baseplate from a budget gaming keyboard. But the Razer gaming keyboard looks more sturdy than its competitors at the same price.

The keyboard comes with synapse 3 software which is a plus point for any gamer. The gaming keyboard comes with RGB LEDs on its keys but the lighting is not that impressive, it has sole lighting zone which is not too bright or consistent.


  • The typing experience is soft, fast, and quiet
  • Build quality is impressive
  • Comes with a trusted and reliable Synapse 3 software
  • Ten-key rollover along with anti-ghosting


  • Doesn’t have mechanical keys

4. SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

Current Price

The Steelseries Apex 3 TKL is also one of the best gaming keyboards available on our list of the best gaming keyboards under £30. The keyboard flexes when you twist it, but it still feels solid and shouldn’t cause too many issues in normal use. The build quality is good, and the base plate and frame are both made of plastic.

The keys feel stable with a little wobble, even on the larger keys, and there is adequate key spacing. Typing quality is also acceptable. The switches offer pleasing tactile feedback and are less mushy than some other rubber domes. Although it seems like a wrist rest would be helpful, you shouldn’t get too tired when typing for extended periods of time. Also, you shouldn’t feel as though your typing speed has slowed down.

Underneath each key is a panel of RGB lighting that has 11 different zones and offers a tonne of customization options. That level of customization is excellent and not typically found in keyboards at this price point. The SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL’s waterproofing is its most prominent feature, which is highlighted across the box. The maximum amount of protection against accidental spills is provided by this device, which is excellent value given the cost and well worth the peace of mind.


  • Colourful RGB backlighting
  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Comes with macro-programmable keys
  • Dedicated media keys


  • Non-detachable cable
  • There’s no trackpad

5. Black Shark Sixgill K2

Best Gaming Keyboards under £30

The gaming keyboard’s foldable kickstands, suspended keys, and ergonomic layout provide a comfortable typing angle and experience. The matte-finish aluminium alloy panel is durable and extends the life of the product. To begin with, the rubber dome switches’ light actuation force makes typing on them pleasurable. Numerous media controls are located in the top right corner, eliminating the need to use multiple keys or function keys to access them.

These keys feel a little mushy, though, and I would have loved it if they had given them a more mechanical feel. It has the gamer’s preferred game mode, which turns off some keys like the Windows key to prevent them from interfering with your intense gameplay. It also supports anti-ghosting, ensuring that all keys are constantly registered. The keyboard has traditional blue switches that deliver accurate tactile and audible click feedback, deliver precise and responsive key commands, and create the best possible gaming performance.

Overall, Black Shark is a decent gaming keyboard that has all the features you would need in one. With its various lighting options and big, comfortable keys, it provides a satisfying gaming experience.


  • It comes with a sleek design
  • It responds quickly
  • It comes with the feature of RGB lights.


  • The multimedia keys are poorly organised.
  • RGB lights cannot be customized as per your desire

6. HyperX Alloy Core

Current Price

The HyperX Alloy Core is a sleek, feature-rich, and long-lasting gaming keyboard for gamers that is also one of the best gaming keyboards under £30. This keyboard’s design is quite elegant and feels pretty durable. The keyboard is made by top gaming gear manufacturers, the build quality is really strong, and it will be a sturdy and long-lasting keyboard if you’re a casual gamer.

The sound that the keys make is good and is pretty responsive and you can use this keyboard as an all-purpose device and not just for gaming. It has no fancy features that are precision related, but you get the anti-ghosting and tactile feel for gaming.

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Gaming Keyboard is something I would definitely recommend for someone getting started with serious gaming, or who enjoys casual gaming, and wants a premium durable keyboard that looks and feels great. It’s also the fanciest affordable keyboard that looks great with your RGB gaming computer! The disadvantages of this gaming keyboard are that it Lacks software support for customization purposes and also doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys.


  • The design looks very stylish
  • Comes with dedicated media buttons
  • Liquid resistant
  • RGB lighting is bright


  • Lacks software support for customization purposes
  • Doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys

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