Best Gaming Keyboards under £30 in the UK (2022)

If you are a committed player, you will need a gaming keyboard since the added functionality that gaming keyboards provide can help you execute particular activities swiftly and consistently. I’ve compiled a list of the best gaming keyboards under £30 that will undoubtedly impress you. These keyboards were made only after significant research and reading several reviews. Also, I have mentioned the pros and cons of all the keyboards that will make you differentiate the keyboards.

Gaming keyboards are primarily intended for use in gaming. They include extras like customizable keys, RGB backlights, and media controls, which help to improve a user’s gaming experience. Gaming keyboards are good for typing if you like the sound and feel of them. Mechanical keyboards, particularly ones with Cherry MX blue switches, may become rather loud while typing quickly. However, for many people, brown switches are suitable for both typing and gaming. You might also like the Best Gaming Keyboard under £50

Let us get started with the article titled, best gaming keyboards under £30.

These are the Best gaming keyboards under £30

Gaming Keyboard’s NameBuyin Guide
Corsair K55Buy from Amazon
Logitech G213Buy from Amazon
Razer Cynosa LiteBuy from Amazon
SteelSeries Apex 3 TKLBuy from Amazon
HyperX Alloy CoreBuy from Amazon

1. Corsair K55

Best gaming keyboards under £30

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If you’re looking for a low-cost wired gaming keyboard, the Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard is an excellent choice. This keyboard will elevate your gaming experience, and the keys will ensure that you have no problems while gaming or typing.

The game keyboard has dedicated media keys, which most firms don’t include in their affordable keyboards. This intelligent gaming keyboard’s RGB lighting is just outstanding. You may use the six integrated lighting effects to brighten up your desktop, give a colour to each lighting zone, or create your dynamic lighting effects.

Because of its IP42-rated protective shields, the keyboard is water and dust-resistant, ensuring that your gaming never comes to a halt. Also, it comes with a textured surface to keep your hands from slipping, and a soft rubber palm rest relieves tension on your hands so you can play longer in comfort.

Overall, this intelligent keyboard is an attractive choice if you want a smooth performance. This keyboard will provide outstanding performance due to its high build quality and accurate essential response. It is one of the Best Gaming Keyboard under 30.


  • Per-key RGB lighting gives it a very attractive look
  • Programmable macro buttons
  • Discrete media controls
  • Detachable wrist rest


  • The design could have been a lot better

2. Logitech G213

Best gaming keyboards under £30

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The Logitech G213 is a premium gaming keyboard that I have been using and will be reviewing today on our list of Best Gaming Keyboards under £30. The design and build quality of this gaming keyboard appear fairly premium and amazing at first sight. This also includes a wrist rest, which is quite useful for a gamer. You also get 1.8 metres of braided cable with excellent quality. Aside from that, there are considerable grips on the rear side of the keyboard, which aids in stability. As a result, not only is its design pretty outstanding, but its build quality is also very high.

We frequently drink tea or coffee while gaming, and it happens so frequently that they accidentally fall on the keyboard from us. As a result, this gaming keyboard is liquid-resistant, protecting us from any type of liquid damage.

The gaming keyboard is a full RGB keyboard with a colour spectrum of 16.8 million. If you need to turn off these RGB lights for whatever reason, there is a button beside the game mode on the keyboard that allows you to simply turn these lights on/off. All of the multimedia keys are located on top of the Numpad of the keyboard. You will also have the chance to control the music right away. This function is quite handy for a player because they do not have to try to control multimedia every time and can perform all of the necessary duties.


  • Very low typing noise
  • Many lighting schemes
  • You can sync this keyboard with other Logitech G products
  • Spill-resistant


  • No passthrough ports or volume dial

3. Razer Cynosa Lite

gaming keyboards under £30

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The Razer Cynosa Lite is an amazing choice for those who are looking for the Best gaming keyboards under £30. It is soft, quite and gives good typing experience. It has good buttons: light and soft, thus the typing experince is so comfortable and quite. Although it has light and soft buttons, one can not compare the keyboard with machaninal ones. These keyboards offer more speed, weight and action. But we should not expect such features from a budget gaming keyboard.

The keyboard is made from plastic, we can not expect a metal baseplate from a budget gaming keyboard. But the Razer gaming keyboard looks more sturdy than its competitors at the same price.

The keyboard comes with synapse 3 software which is a plus point for any gamer. The gaming keyboard comes with RGB LEDs in its keys but the lighting is not impressive. It has sole lighting zone which is not too bright or consistant.


  • The typing experience is soft, fast, and quiet
  • Build quality is impressive
  • Comes with a trusted and reliable Synapse 3 software
  • Ten-key rollover along with anti-ghosting


  • Doesn’t have mechanical keys

4. SteelSeries Apex 3 TKL

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The Steelseries Apex 3 is also one of the best gaming keyboards available on our list of the best gaming keyboards under 30. This is one of the best gaming keyboards available, and it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking to improve your gaming skills. This gaming keyboard will provide you with unrivalled gaming capabilities. The Keys of this keyboard are easy to actuate and hence it becomes user-friendly for anyone to use, and also macros can be set to any key.

You will be able to play your games without having to worry about your keyboard being too slow with this keyboard. An OLED display is included with the gaming keyboard. The Magnetic Wrist Rest Is Ergonomic It’s made of soft-touch leatherette and has built-in magnets for simple alignment during long gaming sessions. The keyboard has a simple and beautiful appearance, but it is visible in the dark thanks to the backlighting.

The High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches also provide mechanical keypress tactile feedback on a soft-cushioned membrane rubber dome switch, making them excellent for gaming. Razer’s sharpest optical sensor is also included in the keyboard, allowing you to conquer the field with unrivalled precision and speed. The disadvantage that I have found in this keyboard is that there is a lack of USB passthrough and also mechanical switches are not there which is of course not a good feature.


  • Colourful RGB backlighting
  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Comes with macro-programmable keys
  • Dedicated media keys


  • Non-detachable cable
  • There’s no trackpad

5. HyperX Alloy Core

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The HyperX Alloy Core is a sleek, feature-rich, and long-lasting gaming keyboard for gamers that is also one of the best gaming keyboards under £30. This keyboard’s design is quite elegant and feels pretty durable. The keyboard is made by top gaming gear manufacturers, the build quality is really strong, and it will be a sturdy and long-lasting keyboard if you’re a casual gamer.

The sound that the keys make is good and is pretty responsive and you can use this keyboard as an all-purpose device and not just for gaming. It has no fancy features that are precision related, but you get the anti-ghosting and tactile feel for gaming.

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Gaming Keyboard is something I would definitely recommend for someone getting started with serious gaming, or who enjoys casual gaming, and wants a premium durable keyboard that looks and feels great. It’s also the fanciest affordable keyboard that looks great with your RGB gaming computer! The disadvantages of this gaming keyboard are that it Lacks software support for customization purposes and also doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys.


  • The design looks very stylish
  • Comes with dedicated media buttons
  • Liquid resistant
  • RGB lighting is bright


  • Lacks software support for customization purposes
  • Doesn’t have any dedicated macro keys


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