Top 6 Best Smartwatches under £50 in the UK 2022

People are now more devoted to the latest wearable technologies like smartwatches than classic ones. Since the launch of the smartwatch, users have realized that there are several benefits to wearing a smartwatch. It makes it easier to reply to someone through calls and messages, it can also work as a fitness tracker. If you have a smartwatch on your wrist then you don’t need to bring out your smartphone every time. You can also see your social media notifications on a smartwatch.

Getting a good smartwatch can be a little hard as there are several wristwatches available on the market. But you don’t have to worry about this, as we can help you find the best smartwatches under £50. These best budget smartwatches have all the necessary features that should be on a great smartwatch. I will also keep updating the list so you get to know the only best and newest smartwatch through this article. You might also like this article on Best Wireless Earbuds under £60.

How to choose the Best Smartwatches under £50

These are a few points to keep in mind when choosing the best smartwatch for yourself.

  • Display: The display is one of the crucial factors in smartwatch buying decisions. AMOLED and OLED displays are the best options to go with, but for 50 pounds you have to be satisfied with an LCD display
  • OS and App availability: Other factors to keep in mind when choosing the best smartwatch for you
  • Fitness features: You must pick a smartwatch that has a heart rate sensor and GPS to track your running.
  • Battery life: A good battery life on a smartwatch will not make you recharge your smartwatch very frequently.
  • Compatibility: Never buy a smartwatch without confirming whether the smartwatch will work with your smartphone or not. For example, Apple Watches are only for iPhones
  • Bands: You should also check if your smartwatch bands are easy to use and swap

These are the best Smartwatches under £50 that you can buy right now

Product’s NamePrice Guide
Doubc SmartwatchCurrent Price
AGPTEK SmartwatchCurrent Price
ASWEE SmartwatchCurrent Price
Blackview SmartwatchCurrent Price
AiMoonsa SmartwatchCurrent Price
Popglory Smartwatch Current Price

1. Doubc Smartwatch

Current Price

The Doubc Smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches for under £50. If you want a larger screen display, the Doubc Smartwatch is a great option. With a larger LCD, this smartwatch is solid and sturdy. Excellent image quality is also provided by a good colour touch screen display and the best resolution ratio. This watch will give you enhanced visual effects.

The smartwatch’s waterproof feature meets with the IP68 waterproof standard. Even if you wash your hands, bathe, or swim while wearing the fitness watch, the watch will not be damaged thanks to the waterproof IP68 technology. It is powered by a 180mAh battery, and the activity tracker watch is easy to charge and has long battery life.

The watch can last for seven days after a 1-2 hour charge. It has a 24/7 real-time heart rate and sleep monitor, as well as a high-performance motion sensor that automatically monitors, detects, and tracks your heart rate, sleep, and other health metrics.

This fitness watch can automatically measure your sleep, allowing you to keep track of your walking and deep sleep data and remind you of changing your sleeping patterns. You should constantly pay attention to your physical well-being, but the data is just used as a guide. Overall, This smartwatch is ideal for exercise enthusiasts who want convenience and a sleek, beautiful appearance.

2. AGPTEK Smartwatch

AGPTEK Smartwatch

Current Price

The AGPTEK Smart Watch is a reasonably priced smart wearable with a number of good features. This smartwatch allows you to track your sleep and monitor your heart rate in real-time. The screen is built as a 1.3-inch full touch screen mode using modern technology, which is distinct from the previous small square displays and provides a better visual experience and sensation of usage.

Because of its IP68 waterproof rating, you may wear it while washing your hands or even swimming on wet days. The watch can also be used routinely to accompany you on your journey without concern of wind or rain. The smartwatch has eight different sports modes, including walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, etc. You can use this smartwatch when washing your hands, having a shower, or swimming because it is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The smartwatch includes a multi-sport mode and may be used as an activity monitor. Sleep, heart rate, steps, and calorie consumption are all monitored and health reminders, sedentary reminders, call reminders, meeting reminders, and alarms. It’s all about establishing a healthy way of life. This smartwatch is built to last and offers excellent compatibility.

After fully charged for 2 hours, the smartwatch can last up to 8-12 days or 30 days in standby mode. This wristwatch is compatible with all smartphones. If you’re looking for a smartwatch, the design, and style of this one, as well as the decent app and notification experience, make it worth considering.

3. ASWEE Smartwatch for Women and Men

ASWEE Smartwatch for Women and Men

Current Price

The next Best Smartwatch under 50 UK is ASWEE Smartwatch. It is a reasonably priced smart wearable that boasts many features. The ASWEE fitness smartwatch comes with one of the most up-to-date designs for fitness buffs. The strap’s elegant pattern allows it to effectively absorb sweat and moisture. It is the ideal option for your health and workout.

The fitness smartwatch has Blood Oxygen, 24 Hours Real-Time Heart Rate, and 17 sports modes, and it is IP68 rating waterproof, so it can be used for any outdoor or aquatic activity. Full touch screen with high sensitivity touch, 1.3 inches TFT-LCD clear display, high-grade metal watch frame is more beautiful and textured. Wrist bands with a fancy style design are optional for you, and they dry fast if they get wet.

They also fit all outdoor and aquatic activities. On a 2-hour charge, it lasts up to 15 days of normal usage, and 35 days of standby. The smartwatch is compatible with iOS 9.0, Android 4.4, and Bluetooth 4.0 devices. This wristwatch features a clock function and the ability to link to your phone’s GPS to display run information such as pace and distance and record a map of your training path.

Exercise modes aid in comprehending particular activity data and the attainment of good fitness results. To better understand your sleep quality, you can use the Smart Wristband 3 APP to automatically track sleep time, assess deep, light, and awake sleep, and display intuitive statistics and charts. A good night’s sleep might help you feel less tired and boost your immunity. Every night, it keeps tracking sleep to help users’ appropriate sleeping patterns.

4. Blackview Smartwatch

Blackview Smartwatch

Current Price

The Blackview Smartwatch is the company’s one of the newest smartwatches, and it includes GPS tracking for more precise fitness and tracking statistics. It features an HR sensor built in that can detect your heart rate in real-time and determine how much oxygen is in your blood.

The HR sensor may also provide you with a detailed report on how well you sleep (deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time). It can assist you in better understanding your health and making sensible lifestyle changes. The waterproof rating of the SmartWatch is 5ATM. When you wash your hands, shower, or swim, you may wear them without fear.

It works with smartphones via Bluetooth. With just 2 hours of charge, you can get up to 30 days of device standby time. You will get real-time alerts for your calls, texts, and messages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more, with this watch. When you don’t have access to your smartphone, it ensures that you don’t miss any crucial notifications.

Other useful features include sedentary alerts, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and music control, among others. It is a useful tool in your life. This is an excellent choice to consider for the price among the competitors, with the quality of the screen and GPS making it a capable smartwatch.

5. AiMoonsa Smartwatch

AiMoonsa Smartwatch

Current Price

The AiMoonsa Smart Watch has a quality finish and removable bands that can be replaced. This Smartwatch can be used as a fitness tracker and have valuable features, including sedentary reminders, stopwatches, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitors, music controls, remote camera controls, and weather forecasts.

The Smartwatch includes a large-capacity battery of a capacity of 250mAh that can last up to 7 days and delivers continuous power for your productive life. The wear-resistant watch dial blends smoothly with the frame for a lightweight and robust design.

The watchband is made of skin-friendly silicone and has a gleaming back. This smartwatch mode monitors your walking, jogging, cycling, climbing, yoga, football, and swimming, among other activities. When you exercise or use it on a daily basis, you can accurately monitor your SpO2 and heart rate, as well as your fitness time steps and calorie consumption.

It is more intelligent and easier to use since it has a number of designs for brightness control and brilliant screen time. This watch has all of the features you’d expect from a smartwatch at this price point, making it a top contender for the best budget smartwatch on your shopping list.

6. Popglory Smartwatch

Popglory Smartwatch

Current Price

The next best smartwatch under £50 UK is Popglory smartwatch. Calls, social alerts, and texts sent to your phone are displayed on the smartwatch. The weather forecast on the smartwatch is be updated every hour.

Your sleeping habits will improve with the help of this smartwatch. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index is used to calculate the sleep quality score, which is based on sleep regularity, sleep length, deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up hours. It includes 5 brightness levels that you can adjust straight from the watch screen to better visibility even in direct sunshine. Silent mode, personalised dial, and other features are also available.

A real-time 24-hour heart rate monitor can help you better understand your heart rate trends and variations, as well as lead to a healthier lifestyle. You can also operate the audio player without pulling your phone out of your pocket while exercising, giving you the best of both worlds.


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