Best Laptops under £600 in the UK 2022

If you’re looking for the best laptops under £600, this article will help you find out the finest laptop for you. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a good laptop. You can actually get a pretty decent laptop under 600. In this price range, you can get an excellent laptop for both personal and commercial use. I selected some of the best laptops for this article, these laptops are portable and lightweight thus you can carry them anywhere like your college, office or school. You might also like the Best laptops under £900

Best laptops under £600 at a glance

Laptops NamePrice Guide
Dell Inspiron 5418Current Price
ASUS VivoBook 15 X515EACurrent Price
Dell Inspiron 3511Current Price
ASUS VivoBook M513UACurrent Price
HP Pavilion 15-eh0007sa Current Price
Dell Inspiron 5410 Current Price

Best laptops under £600

1. Dell Inspiron 5418

Best laptops under £600

Current Price

Dell laptops are no exception to the company’s reputation for quality and dependability. The latest 11th Generation Intel i5 processor in Dell Inspiron notebooks allow remarkable responsiveness and multitasking with ease. 

A lid-open sensor turns the laptop on when the lid is opened, even if it is switched off or asleep. With the Adaptive Connected Modern Standby function, you can rapidly access files and apps for an always-on experience.

ExpressCharge also swiftly recharges your battery, refilling it up to 80 per cent in just 60 minutes. It boasts a modern and user-friendly design. It’s magnificent from every angle. With an FHD display with wide-viewing angle technology, you receive a clear and crisp image.

This is without a doubt one of the best laptops you can get for your money, especially in Dell’s portfolio, at its present discounted price. It’ll provide you with a terrific experience in every way, and it’s a no-brainer recommendation. It is one of the best laptops under £600.

2. Asus VivoBook 15

Asus VivoBook 15 X515EA

Current Price

The Asus VivoBook 15 X515EA is one of the best laptops under £600 you can acquire for your money if you prefer bigger displays. This 15-inch laptop also performs well overall and gives you extra capacity to multitask and run many apps.

The gorgeous new metal laptop presents you with never-before-seen visuals. It’s the perfect companion for a simple on-the-go lifestyle, as it’s designed to deliver exceptional performance thanks to its latest CPU. This laptop keeps you working and engaged no matter where you are.

It also has a large 16GB of memory (RAM) and a super-fast state drive (SSD). It fits neatly inside your bag for simple transport, weighing only 2.69kg and having an ultrathin profile. The full-size keyboard on this laptop is great for working in a variety of situations.

Typing is a breeze with its one-piece design and 1.4mm key travel. Despite a few faults, the 15-inch laptop is a solid choice if you require a bigger screen. It’s one of the best laptops available. It is, however, only that cheap because of a deal.

3. Dell Inspiron 3511

Dell Inspiron 3511

Current Price

The Dell Inspiron is a smart laptop with all the features you need and a small footprint. The new laptop, which runs on the latest Intel processors, is designed to keep you connected. It’s ready to use and takes only a few minutes to set up, charge, and start.

It offers ExpressCharge capabilities, which allow you to charge your battery up to 80 percent in 60 minutes, allowing you to spend less time plugged in. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Dell ComfortView Low Blue Light solutions are gentle on the eyes and assist to reduce harmful blue light emissions while increasing eye comfort over time.

It’s made to last, with little rubber feet and bumpers on the hinge that keep it from sliding and offer stability on rough surfaces. You can work in comfort with your new Dell laptop thanks to a lift hinge that raises your computer to an ergonomic position, allowing you a more comfortable typing angle. With good reason, Dell is one of the most well-known computer manufacturers.

The company, particularly with its Inspiron line of laptops, provides some of the best computers on the market today. It is imperative that this laptop be obtained as soon as possible.

4. Asus VivoBook M513UA

Asus VivoBook M513UA

Current Price

The Asus VivoBook, a long-time favourite, has been given a fresh, bolder appearance that is guaranteed to set people’s hearts beating. The sleek and lightweight S14 laptop now has diamond-cut edges and textured finishes, and it’s available in four different colours to match your style.

It also brings out your actual self, both inside and out. The bold colours of this laptop defy convention, delivering expressive colours that reflect your inner self. When it comes to crunching numbers, the new NumberPad makes things a lot easier. Simply hit the touchpad icon to change the touchpad into an LED-illuminated numeric pad.

The VivoBook’s narrow bezel NanoEdge display gives an immersive viewing experience while also allowing for a smaller footprint on your desk or in your backpack. Furthermore, its Full HD display provides broad viewing angles and excellent colour reproduction for extremely vibrant images.

It contains a number of features that are meant to keep you busy throughout the day. The full-size keyboard delivers a pleasant typing experience, and the fast-charge technology helps restore a low battery to 60% in just 49 minutes. This laptop should be considered if you need a good laptop for multitasking and gaming while staying within your budget.

5. HP Pavilion Intel i5 11th Gen

HP Pavilion 15-eh0007sa

Current Price

The HP Pavilion Laptop is a compact laptop with a Highly precise Fingerprint sensor that makes working on the move a breeze, while the long battery life and HP Fast Charge keep you alive. The Pavilion 15 Laptop packs greater power into a smaller compact, enabling you to get more work done on the go.

You may experience mind-blowing entertainment with a micro-edge screen and B&O Audio. It’s the performance that makes you feel good right away that keeps you ahead of the game. This smart laptop, which features a premium 11th Gen Intel i5 processor, will allow you to enjoy a laptop that can keep up with you.

On this laptop, you will surely be having a great time. Watching movies on a laptop is like stuffing a huge popcorn into a little bag, thanks to audio, a higher screen-to-body ratio, and micro-edge bezels that improve your eyesight. The stunning new metal laptop offers never-before-seen images.

It’s the ideal partner for a simple on-the-go lifestyle since its newest CPU is engineered to give a great performance. This is one of the best laptops for younger college students that you can obtain for a reasonable price. For college students, it is highly handy and pleasant. As a consequence, we strongly suggest this laptop.

6. Dell Inspiron 5410

 Dell Inspiron 5410

Current Price

Dell Inspiron 5410 is one of the best laptops under £600. In terms of design, there’s an ergonomically positioned lift hinge that improves typing comfort while on chat, sending long emails, or connecting to the rest of the world. You can comfortably grip and move your device thanks to the rounded corners. In either model, the Platinum Silver finish with tonal colour-blocking palm rest looks great.

It is thin, lightweight, and portable to carry anywhere thanks to its ultralightweight design and small 14-inch full HD display. With this lightweight machine in your hands, you can comfortably roam the entire institution. An anti-glare panel and IPS-level wide-view technologies are used to create the FHD display. It has 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage, which is sufficient for individuals who do not save a lot of data on their laptops.

With a 360° hinge that enables a seamless switch between laptop, tent, stand and tablet mode, you get the capability of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet. It has small bezels to reduce distractions and improve your movie, document, and web surfing experience. Overall, it’s a good laptop for anyone who wants a light, portable, and fast laptop.


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