How to take a screenshot on a laptop

If you want to know how to take a screenshot on a laptop, then this article is for you. As the technology has evolved so fast, now most of the work is done online and you are required multiple times to take the screenshot on the laptop for capturing your work. Taking a screenshot on a laptop is as easy as taking screenshots on a mobile phone. There are many methods to capture the screenshot on a laptop, we will discuss all of them

It might be your office work, online classes, or any other work, you need to capture the images of your work many times and save them for later use. Screenshots images are saved in JPG or PNG format. There are different ways to capture screenshots on both Windows and macOS laptops.

Here is how to take a screenshot on a windows laptop

How to take a screenshot on a laptop (2)

Method 1: taking a screensho on a laptop using Snipping tool

Step 1: Go to the Windows search box and search for the snipping tool, and open it

Step 2: Now click on the ‘New’ to capture the screenshot

Step 3: Now, you can move the cross air from where you want to take a screenshot, after that you have to drag to select the area

Step 4: Final step is to click the ‘Save Snip’ icon to save your screenshot

Method 2: How to take a screenshot on a laptop using shortcut keys

This one is the easiest method to take a screenshot on a laptop. All you need to do is to press the Windows Key and the ‘PrtSc’ (PrintScreen) buttons together. The PrtSc button is located in the top row near function keys. Then your screenshot images will be saved instantly. You might also be asked to save the screenshot image locations or give the name to it

Method 3: Capturing screenshots using Alt+PrtSc

This method is also as same as mentioned above, it copies the window on which you are working then you can paste that copied window wherever you want. You just need to press the PrtSc and Alt key buttons together for a screenshot.

Method 4: Capturing the screenshot on a laptop using Windows key+Shift+S

If you want to capture the specific portion on the screen then this method is very useful. You just need to press Windows Key+Shift+S together, then you will be asked to drag the screen allowing you to select the portion you want to capture. It will be then copied to the clipboard then you can paste or save it.

Method 5: Capturing the screenshot on a laptop using Windows Key+G

This method is useful for gamers. Gamers can press these two keys together then a game overlay will appear after that by clicking on the camera icon you can take screenshots.

Here’s how to take screenshots on macOS laptops

  1. Press Command+Shift+3
  2. Command+Shift+4
  3. Command+Shift+5
  4. Command+Shift+6

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