TV Buying Guide UK – How to find the best TV

If you want to know which TV is right for you, then this article is for you as we will cover TV buying guide UK. We all know that it’s a very challenging job to find a perfect TV that matches our needs and which is the best in the market. There are viable options in smart TVs with different technologies, features and functionality that would make you swirl to choose the one which is best suitable for you.

A TV is considered a substantial purchase, so you want to be sure you invest your hard-earned money in something that will last long. Whether you are looking for a piece of simple advice for the best kinds of TV to go for or know about the technology that matters the most, we have put together all the details in one place to answer the most common questions that go while purchasing a smart TV. 

We will answer all your queries and also advise you at the same time to purchase the best smart TV under the budget that your pocket allows.

Quick tips for TV buying guide UK

● We would always suggest going for a TV with 4K resolution, and if it’s your first purchase, you should definitely go for 4K resolution.

● As per our advice spending vast amounts of money on 8k TVs is nothing but a waste of money, and 8k movies and shows are not available yet, so you can skip buying those for now.

● You can expect to pay around 500 dollars for an excellent 55-inch 4k TV that provides better picture quality, upgraded speakers, and all the next-generation features.

● Look for a 60 hertz or 120-hertz refresh rate for a smoother motion for every show.

● It would be better if this maa TV had HDR compatibility, giving more realistic colours and better contrast.

● OLED TVs are always on the higher side compared to LCD sets.

● Try to pair your smart TV with a sound bar.

● There is no need to purchase extended warranties as the companies already provide purchase protection.

TV Buying Guide UK Complete Guide

TV Buying Guide UK

Screen size: one major thing to go for.

Whether you are purchasing a high-performance TV or a basic set, you must consider the screen size of the smart TV which you are going to buy. Look at how many people in your family sit together and watch the TV at once and where you will place your new set. Pick the TV with the screen size suitable for you according to your budget. 

Verdict– If you take our advice, we suggest going for a TV with a 55 to 65 inches screen size that has become today’s standard.

Screen resolution

Resolution means the number of pixels that make up the picture on display, considering the horizontal rows and vertical columns. The higher the pixels, the better the picture quality with finer details. We have always heard of the full HD display standard for many years. Hollywood TV manufacturers manufacture ultra HD sets, also known as 4K. These models have four times the number of pixels, undoubtedly providing better picture quality. 

The benefit of this 4 K resolution smart TV is that small objects have more detailing, and the images appear more prosperous and natural. The videos look great, and online streaming services have started to provide 4K content which makes us go for the 4K resolution TV.

Verdict- 4K resolution TV has become the standard in today’s times, and it is a better choice for your future-proof investment. You can opt for 8k TVsbut we suggest you wait for now.

HDR: Perfect if you want the most colours

HDR is a new feature of the 4K ultra HD sets and stands for high dynamic range. It can deliver more colours with higher contrast levels and brightness. HDR is an upgrade of the 4K, and this new feature has attracted many buyers as it stands out of the box from standard 4K ultra HD TVs. Dolby Vision support is a more demanding version of HDR that brings Dolby noise reduction and surround sound. It has dynamic metadata that adjusts the effect on a frame-by-frame basis, so the results are very crisp and impressive. 

Many smart TVs in the market that has introduced their premium HDR format, also called the HDR 10 +, which works similarly to Dolby vision, offering a great viewing experience but is less common than Dolby vision.

Verdict– if you are buying a 4k TV, you would surely like a TV with HDR support that gives you the most immersive viewing experience. The advise you to purchase an HDR set compatible with Dolby vision as this offers the most impressive content on the market.

Refresh rate: 

For those who do not know the purpose of a refresh rate, we will tell you about it in detail. Refresh rate describes the number of times a picture is refreshed on the screen per second. The standard refresh rate is 60 Hertz. However, the 60-hertz refresh rate would make things look blurry in scenes with fast-moving objects. So to get a clear image of those objects, it is advisable to go for a TV with a 120-hertz refresh rate. 

Gamers will require higher refresh rates, especially those with ps5, Xbox series and others. A higher refresh rate would allow them to enjoy the most of the game. We also suggest the buyers be aware of the words like an effective refresh rate. The term does not mean the actual effectiveness of a refresh rate but compares to the higher refresh rate while providing you with this standard refresh rate.

Verdict– Buyers should not opt for a smart TV with less than a 120-hertz refresh rate if they want to experience the smoothest picture.

HDMI and other Ports:

Always pay attention to the number of HDMIs a Smart TV has. It is essential to have many HDMI ports that can be used to add a sound bar, a Roku, a Chromecast and even a game console. These are the mandatory connections; with this, you would have already used three ports. If you plan to get a 4K ultra HD smart TV, ensure the set supports HDMI 2.0 to accommodate future Ultra HD sources. 

There is also HDMI 2.1 capability coming up more and more with various models that use the faster standard for all of their HDMI ports. This year, models such as LG, Samsung, and Sony are providing HDMI 2.1 ports. Watch out on this TV buying guide to understand how HDMI 2.1 can benefit you and whether it is worth spending money for or is just a hoax.

Verdict– we suggest you at least look for 4 HDMI ports and opt for the new year HDMI 2.1 format if your budget allows. Do check out the best HDMI 2.1 TVs here.


Now, this is a massive question: What kind of TV should we go for? There are two types of TVs in the market one is LCD, and the other is OLED. 

LCD TV- with the smart TV having an LCD screen, it provides a wide array of features such as bright screens visible even in a Sunny room, better and improved image quality with full-array backlighting and Quantum dot technology. However, it has a few drawbacks attached to this type of TV; it loses detail as the pixels cannot go completely black, and we can experience image feeding and imperfections while showing quick motion.

OLED: The OLED screens provide better backlight as it uses a layer of organic LED s that are controlled at the pixel level to achieve absolute black, providing higher levels of contrast. The colours pop out and have an exclusive shadow detail to LCD TVs. IT returns image quality even when viewed from the side. If we look at the corns, we can find that these are priced at premium prices, and the users are uncertain about how far the screens will work or whether they will retain ghost images.

Verdict– OLED screens are primarily considered in today’s times more than LCD screens. If your budget allows, we advise going for a smart TV having an OLED screen to give you an immersive viewing experience.

TV Buying Guide UK: Conclusion

These are some of the points which must be considered before purchasing a TV, and more than that, we have mentioned everything in the quick guide tips for the buyers to have a quick look at the crucial points to go through before investing your money on a smart TV. There are enormous options for the buyers as the competition in the market has risen suddenly, and there are varieties of features offered at a lower price. We also advise you to do your proper research and find the best smart TV suitable according to all the factors in your home.

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