How to Buy a Gaming Mouse: 8 Tips to Know Before You Buy a Gaming Mouse

If you are keen on gaming and want to enhance your gaming experience, a switch from an ordinary mouse to a gaming mouse is certainly what you need. And this guide on How to Buy a Gaming mouse will help you. A gaming mouse, by all means, is optimized in a way to improve your game execution. It offers refined performance, comfort, and durability.

Loads of features of a gaming mouse like improved sensors and multi-functional buttons will surely excite you to buy it. But before you actually buy one, a number of things need to be kept in mind so that you choose the right gaming mouse which meets all your requirements. And here you are at the right place where you’ll be guided on how to buy a gaming mouse. You might also like the TV Buying Guide.

Quick Tips: How to Buy a Gaming Mouse

  • Different options of mice are available to choose from optical or laser and wired or wireless.
  • A mouse with a higher DPI will be more sensitive and vice-versa.
  • Play or game style determines the size, shape, design, weight, and grip style of the mouse.
  • Mouse with mappable buttons adds to your feasibility.
  • Prefer a trustworthy brand and one which comes with a warranty.

Various features that you should consider before buying a gaming mouse are listed below:

Gaming Mouse Buying Guide

How to Buy a Gaming Mouse
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Sensor Type

Two types of sensors are usually seen in gaming mice – optical and laser. To differentiate the two, a mouse that has an optical sensor or an optical mouse uses LED whereas a laser mouse uses a laser beam to detect movement.

Among the two, the optical mouse is more commonly used since it tends to have more advantages than a laser mouse. Besides being cheaper, they show more accuracy and do not lag which might be observed in a laser mouse at times. On the other hand, the laser mouse scores better in terms of working on all kinds of surfaces. An optical mouse needs a flat, opaque surface to work properly.

Dots Per Inches (DPI)

DPI plays an important role in determining the type of mouse to be purchased since it affects the sensitivity of a mouse. DPI tells us about how far a cursor moves on the screen when moving the mouse per inch, or simply, it tells us about the pointer speed. More the DPI, the faster the cursor moves and vice-versa. Gaming mice often come with adjustable DPI to suit your convenience. Before selecting a mouse with a certain DPI, do consider your screen size as well.

Game or Play Style

Depending on the style of play or the game a gamer plays, the requirements for a mouse differ. Some mice provide more accuracy/precision whereas some provide rapid movements. Certain mice do provide a combination of all features.

Wireless or Wires

Earlier wireless mice were not considered efficient enough since they often lag and worked slower. But thanks to technology, wireless mice are now at par with wired mice. So, if you want freedom of movement and the additional weight of batteries does not bother you, a wireless mouse is an option for you. But if you want a more reliable and cost-effective mouse, you can choose to go with a wired mouse.

Weights: How to Buy a Gaming Mouse

Weight is added to a gaming mouse to increase accuracy but if you want more mobility, a lightweight mouse is suited. Gaming mice with adjustable weights are also available so you get to use the mouse according to your convenience.

Grip Style

The way you are the most comfortable holding a mouse determines the grip style of the mouse. Mice of different grip styles are available:

  1. Palm grip: The entire palm rests on the mouse
  2. Claw grip: The bottom part of the palm rests on the mouse while the index and middle fingers are arched to form a claw-like shape.
  3. Fingertip grip: Only the fingertips rest on the mouse.

Mappable Buttons

Though gaming mice come with additional buttons, another feature that tops it up is button mapping in which you can customize the buttons of the mouse according to your feasibility. A number of software applications are also available that help in button mapping. This feature will surely give you an edge while playing fast-paced games or games which feature a variety of complex actions requiring multiple button combinations.

Reliability and Warranty

Purchasing a mouse of a good brand and a brand you trust is recommended. Invest in a reliable brand even if it costs some extra bucks. Prefer mice that come with a warranty.

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