Is a 64GB Laptop Good? Here’s the Answer

When buying a laptop, RAM is one of the important factors to consider as it plays a huge role in performance. Since there are plenty of laptops with different features, a laptop with 64GB RAM can attract you. But is a 64GB laptop good enough? let’s find the answer.

Is a 64GB Laptop Good?

Yes, a 64 GB laptop is way better than one can imagine. This much RAM is considered more than enough for any task. Even 32GB of RAM is considered plentiful for most of the tasks. The 64GB is just more than enough. You can run any high-end game or large application on 64GB of RAM but the condition is that the laptop must have other good features such as CPU, GPU, etc.

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Pros of a 64GB laptop

Multitasking performance

With 64GB of RAM, your laptop is a beast when it comes to multitasking performance. It can handle multiple applications, edit videos, and work with large files smoothly. This much RAM is more than enough to handle any task.


When you have a 64GB laptop, you will not need more RAM for many years. Your laptop will remain capable enough for many years.

Professional creativity

Doing professional work such as video editing, graphic designing, and 3D modeling will so smooth on a 64GB laptop. The 64GB of RAM can handle any of such work smoothly.


If you are a gamer or love playing games then a 64GB laptop is a perfect choice for you although it must have an external graphics card. 64GB of RAM is more than enough for any large or high-end game.

Cons of 64GB laptop


Of course, a 64 GB laptop will always be expensive. The cost is a significant drawback of a 64 GB laptop. A laptop with 64GB usually comes with a very expensive price tag. If you are on a tight budget then it is never a good choice for you.

Battery life

A laptop with 64GB RAM consumes more power which means it doesn’t last long after charging it fully. There is hardly a laptop with 64GB of RAM and good battery life.

Weight and Portability

Laptops with 64GB RAM are heavier than other laptops as they require additional hardware. And with heavy weight, they might not be portable for you. So if you travel a lot and carry your laptop most of the time it might be a drawback for you.

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