Best TV under £700 in the UK 2022 (June 2022)

TV is one of the most crucial pieces of household technology, and its importance cannot be ignored. We’ve made a list of the best TV under £700 so you can choose one that meets all of your requirements. The best TV under £700 does not imply that you must spend a lot of money on a high-end TV. The days of spending a fortune on a good television set are long gone. A superb 4K Ultra HD TV can be bought for less than £700

Television exposes us to a wide range of cultures, people, languages, and ideas from around the world. It introduces us to new information. Many crucial parts of daily living can be improved by watching television, we can also play games by connecting gaming consoles to it. People want to be entertained and to escape from their daily life, which TV, in the form of movies or cartoons, may provide. When it comes to entertainment, TV is still unrivalled. With hundreds of channels to pick from, one may find whatever type of entertainment one chooses. It is a huge help to the elderly and differently-abled people, who would otherwise have almost no other way to pass the time except by reading. You might also like Best TV under 800

These are the Best TV under £700 in the UK that you can buy right now

TV’s NameBuying Guide
LG OLED48A16LABuy from Amazon
Sony Bravia KD50X80JUBuy from Amazon
Hisense 58A6GTUKBuy from Amazon
Samsung AU8000Buy from Amazon
TCL 55C720KBuy from Amazon


Best TV under £700

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LG OLED48A16LA 4K OLED Smart TV is smart, powerful, and stylish, and it’s ready to run all of your favourite shows. The smart TV is the first product on our list of Best TV under £700. The images on display are fantastic Active HDR (High Dynamic Range) graphics with brilliant visual quality. It produces amazing 4K images with improved details. The sound quality of the smart tv is also good.

The audio quality on the smart TV is excellent and intriguing, and its AI Sound provides engaging and ambient sound. It’s also worth emphasising LG’s revolutionary webOS platform. On the webOS innovative platform, you can access all of your favourite apps, including Freeview Play, NOW TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and others.

The TruMotion 120 technology, which reduces blur to sharpen details at up to 120 frames per second, provides a smooth, crisp image for fast-moving action sequences and lightning-quick sports. The newly redesigned home page offers personalised content recommendations, more accessible access to favourite items, and centralised control over linked devices.

2. Sony Bravia KD50X80JU

Best TV under £700

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Sony Bravia is the second-best smart TV with a great and attractive screen that is fantastic and also ranks high on our list of best TVs under £700. The ultra-slim form of the smart television allows you to upgrade your home. It features a modern TV design that will allow you to admire your surroundings.

The powerful X1 Processor 4K converts anything you view into 4K using machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can also use the smart TV to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to open applications, change channels, manage smart home devices, and do other things. You can also use your TV to access apps, streaming services, and smart home devices. The smart TV gives more realistic details in both bright and gloomy conditions.

The Ultra Clean View analyses original content using a new algorithm to produce higher-quality photos with less distortion. Before you begin, the smart TV allows you to swiftly and conveniently navigate through a variety of entertainment sources and preview thumbnail samples.

3. Hisense 58A6GTUK


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The Hisense 58A6GTUK smart TV is among the best 4k TVs on the market, both online and offline. The Smart TV has a 58-inch 4k HD screen on which you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows in high definition. The contrast and brightness levels are well-balanced, and the colours appear true to life. The screen supports a wide variety of viewing angles.

The TV gives a crisp, clear image four times the resolution of Full HD. The smart TV is inspired by cinema technology, including Dolby Vision HDR technology, which provides an outstanding brightness and contrast depth 40 times brighter and ten times darker than a regular picture. When this is combined with 8.3 million pixels and a full-array LED backlight, the result is a more colourful and sharp image. 

The contrast between the darkest and brightest areas of the screen has been improved, providing a more realistic image with all of the details. The TV also includes a sophisticated advanced post-processing suite that provides an immersive audio experience with psychoacoustic bass improvements and multichannel virtual surround sound. DTS Virtual:X delivers a more vibrant, multi-dimensional audio experience.

4. Samsung AU8000

Samsung AU8000

Current Price

The Samsung AU8000 65 Inch Smart TV is also an option for the best TV under £700. The screen size on this television is 65 inches. The sleek, minimalistic appearance of the smart TV gives you a purely cinematic experience.

The TU7000’s Crystal Processor 4K employs a single chip to arrange colour, improve contrast, master HDR, and High-Dynamic Range, allowing you to view stunning detail in every scene. The volume on this TV is automatically adjusted to match the material you’re watching. It works with numerous voice assistants to help you find and watch your favourite movies, as well as operate your smart TV and other connected devices.

With streaming at your fingertips, your 65-inch TV gathers all of your favourite shows in one spot, allowing you to jump right into the action in spectacular 4k. Control your smart tv with simply your voice thanks to the built-in Alexa.

5. TCL 55C720K

TCL 55C720K

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TCL 55C720K QLED Gaming TV is stunning and attractive, resembling a work of art on the wall. The C720 TV features an immersive 2.0 loudspeaker sound solution with forward-facing abstract loudspeakers that produce amazingly realistic sound for movies, music, and video games.

The loudspeaker sound system and Dolby Atmos enhance your audio experience in theatre quality, taking the film experience to the next level. You can enjoy visual quality with a colour volume of 100 per cent. The Quantum Dot generates a billion various hues and tints, resulting in extremely lifelike image performance.

Furthermore, when combined with HDR 10+, the colours, contrast, and brightness are tuned and ideally framed for each scene. Blurring and movement traces are a thing of the past since you always have crystal clear vision with liquid images.

6. Philips 65PUS7506

Philips 65PUS7506

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Whether it’s a movie now, your favourite shows tomorrow, or sports on the weekend, this Philips smart TV will always deliver a stunning picture. The processor of the TV creates an image that is as beautiful as the content you like. The level of detail has significantly increased. The colours are vivid, and the skin tones look to be natural.

Because the contrast is so high, you’ll be able to see every detail. The SAPHI operating system on the 65-inch smart TV makes using it a real pleasure. With only one button, you may get outstanding visual quality and a simple icon-based interface. You can effortlessly go to popular Philips Smart TV apps and operate your TV.

The HDR content you watch will look and sound great since the television supports Dolby’s premium audio and video standards. You’ll get a visual that faithfully reflects the director’s original objectives, as well as a sound that is both spacious and clear. In addition, the TV has the most recent HDMI connectivity and automatically switches to a low-latency mode when you start playing a game on your console.


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