Top 6 Best TV under £200 in the UK 2022

If you have a limited budget and looking for the Best TV under £200 in the UK then this article is for you. Through this article, you will get to know some of the best TVs for a budget of 200 pounds. TV is very basic equipment for a home. One can not ignore its importance in a house, thus while choosing a TV we should be a little careful.

Although we can not get a premium or larger screen size TV, we can get a pretty decent TV at this price range. These TVs are good for watching movies, sports and video songs. They have a decent display with good colours. You can spend hours watching your favourite movie or any sports game on it. You might also like this article on Best TV under 400. Now let’s get into the list of budget TVs.

Best TV under £200 at a glance

Headphones’ NamePrice Guide
Samsung UE32T4300AKXXUCurrent Price
Toshiba 32WK3C63DBCurrent Price
Blaupunkt 32 Inch HD LED TVCurrent Price
SHARP 1T-C24BC0KR1FBCurrent Price
Philips 5600 series 32 inches TVCurrent Price
Toshiba 24WD3C63DBCurrent Price

Best TV under £200 complete list

1. Samsung UE32T4300AKXXU 32 inches HD TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

The Samsung 32 inch HDR HD Ready Smart TV will turn your living room into a media entertainment centre thanks to its High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connectors. HDMI allows a wide range of devices to send elevated digital data to your television at rapid speeds. Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer substantially improves the quality of every image and reveals hidden details thanks to a strong picture quality improvement technology. With Wide Color Enhancer, you can see colours the way they were meant to be seen.

The built-in Wi-Fi on the Samsung 32 inch HDR HD Ready Smart TV also allows you to browse the internet and a range of streaming options. There’s also an Ethernet port and HDMI ports for connecting game consoles and other devices. This HD Smart LED TV offers a decent image thanks to Ultra Clean View, PurColor, and Micro Dimming Pro technology. You can watch the same show on your phone and on your TV at the same time using the mirror feature.

The Samsung HD TV gives more realistic details in both bright and gloomy conditions. The Ultra Clean View employs a unique algorithm to evaluate original material in order to create higher-quality photographs with less distortion. Before diving in, you can quickly and conveniently browse numerous entertainment providers and examine thumbnail previews on your Samsung smart TV. The Universal Guide not only displays popular shows and content but also makes recommendations based on your viewing habits over the previous several months. The SmartThings app includes features such as Universal Guide, Remote Control, and Mirror Screen.

Samsung is a well-known and dependable brand, and its televisions are noted for having exceptional smart features as well as great picture and sound quality. This TV could be the best TV under £200 for you.

2. Toshiba 32WK3C63DB 32-inch HD TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

This Toshiba TV is a very affordable Smart TV with a wide range of unique and advanced features. It’s easy to use and can be installed easily. It is good for small spaces, guest rooms, and hostels, and it will keep you occupied for hours.

This also includes a remote designed specifically for TVs. The voice remote that comes included with Amazon Fire TV media streamers is a little bigger and more sophisticated than this remote. The wand remains a slim black plastic wand with a visible black circular navigation pad despite this. The power and microphone buttons are situated on the top of the remote near a pinhole mic, with three menu buttons above the pad and three playback buttons below it.

Overall, it is decent TV with built-in Alexa and the Amazon Fire experience. Toshiba offers a good TV experience if you are looking a good budget TV and this is a decent option for the price of 200 pounds.

3. Blaupunkt 32 inches HD TV

best TV under £200

Current Price

This TV from Blaupunkt is one of the best TV under £200, it is both attractive and appears like a piece of wall art. The TV can be mounted on the wall, making it ideal for a bedroom, den, family room, or any other room.

Thanks to its numerous features and top-of-the-line specifications. The 3 x HDMI, USB, Component, Composite, and Digital Optical Audio connectors on this TV can be used to connect to a variety of devices. It can be placed on a tabletop, a stand, or a TV unit, or it can be fixed on the wall. It is a 32 inches TV with HD resolutions.

The TV displays more realistic details in both bright and gloomy surroundings. The Ultra Clean View analyses original content with an innovative algorithm to produce higher-quality photographs with less distortion. Before diving in, the TV allows you to swiftly and simply browse a variety of entertainment sources and sample thumbnail previews.

4. Philips 5600 series 32 inches Full HD TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

The Philips 5600 series Full HD LED TV has a minimalistic design with a stunning clean back, no unsightly wiring, and an almost bezel-less TV design that allows you to focus on the spectacular picture. Because everything is perfectly arranged, you no longer have to worry about cable management. The screen’s sleek, elegant, and minimalistic design entices you from every angle. The Philips 5600 series Full HD Ultra-Slim LED TV is a high-quality product.

The Philips Pixel Plus HD engine enhances picture quality for clear, high-contrast pictures. You’ll get clearer visuals with brighter whites and blacker blacks whether you’re streaming online or watching off a disc.
The quality of the image is crucial. Regular HDTVs are good, but you’re expecting more. For a true-to-life image, consider sharp detail along with excellent brightness, amazing contrast, and realistic colours.

A single HDMI cable can convey both picture and audio signals from your devices to your TV, reducing cable clutter. HDMI signals are uncompressed, delivering the best possible quality from source to screen. With Philips Easylink, you’ll just need one remote control to operate your TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, set-top box, or home theatre system.

If you want a Full HD TV for under 200 pounds, then it could be the deal for you.

5. SHARP 1T-C24BC0KR1FB 24 inch Smart TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

The SHARP 24 inches LCD smart TV has a decent image and sound quality. The most up-to-date LED technology offers both energy efficiency and a brilliant image. The TV can be mounted on the wall, making it ideal for a bedroom, den, family room, or any other area that requires a high-definition television.

The SHARP 24 inches LCD smart TV is one of the most recent models. There are two HDMI connectors, as well as SCART, USB, Component, Composite, and Digital Optical Audio. It can be placed on a table, a stand, or a TV unit, or it can be fixed on the wall. The SHARP TV is a small, compact TV with a variety of decent features; DTS TruSurround, Freeview HD, and PVR recording are just a few examples. Ideal for usage in the kitchen, bedroom, living area, children’s room, or student housing.

The audio quality on this TV is good. It adjusts the volume automatically to match the content you’re watching. It works with a number of voice assistants, allowing you to quickly find and watch your favourite TV episodes and movies, as well as control your TV and other connected devices, by simply speaking.

Overall, it is a decent choice if you can ignore the fact that this TV has a small display. If you don’t like smaller screen size TV then this is not for you.

6. Toshiba 24WD3C63DB 24-inch TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

The Toshiba 24WD3C63DB 24 inches TV offers a basic design that incorporates a decent clean back, no twisted wires, and an almost waterdrop notch TV design that allows you to focus on the amazing picture. You don’t have to worry about electrical wiring any longer because everything is nicely organised. From each and every perspective, the screen’s smooth, stylish, and simplistic design incentivises you. When it comes to aesthetics, the TV makes no concessions. All of this is packed in a slender air design with dynamic crystal colour, adaptive acoustic audio, built-in voice assistants, and online streaming.

Users, who want the Google experience will be able to get it with Toshiba’s new Android TV. That means Chromecast, Google Stadia, and the Google Play Store are all available, with the latter offering a bigger selection of apps than Toshiba’s own UI (like Disney+).

While Toshiba appears to favour the Alexa smart ecosystem (which is, to be honest, the largest on the globe), some of its TVs also support Google Assistant, so you have an option in terms of which smart system you wish to use.

Its High Dynamic Range (HDR) provides improved contrast, brightness levels, and a broader colour palette. Films and TV shows will appear more realistic as a result of the help. This compact TV gives a spectacular cinema viewing experience by combining the newest sound technology of Dolby Audio Processing with upgrades of DTS Virtual X, making your favourite films and TV feel more life-like.


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