7 Best TV under £200 in the UK (2023)

If you have a limited budget and looking for the best TV under £200 in the UK then this article is for you. Through this article, you will get to know some of the best TVs for a budget of 200 pounds. TV is very basic equipment for a home. One can not ignore its importance in a house. So when choosing a TV we should be a little careful.

Although we can not get a premium or larger screen size TV, we can get a pretty decent TV at this price range. These TVs are good for watching movies, sports, and video songs. They have a decent display with good colours. You can spend hours watching your favourite movie or any sports game on it. You might also like this article on Best TV under 400. Now let’s get into the list of budget TVs.

How we picked the best TV under £200

There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the best smart TV under 200.

  • A good brand: Choosing a good brand is always a great idea. You should not purchase a TV with a low reputation or an unknown brand. Good brands have experience in making a good TV that meets the user’s needs and requirement
  • Screen Size: You should always know which screen size TV you are going or expecting to buy. It is always fun to watch content on a large screen-size TV. Under £200, you can only expect 32 inches, 40 inches, and hardly 43 inches TV.
  • Screen Type: There are premium TVs that come with brilliant OLED and QLED displays, unfortunately, you can only get an LED TV for under £200.
  • Screen refresh rate: You can ignore this factor as you can only expect a 60Hz refresh rate TV for under £200; a higher refresh rate TV can increase your experience of watching content and playing games.
  • Ports: This is another important factor to be considered when choosing a TV as you can connect various devices to your TV
  • Sound: You can not expect good sound from a £200 TV but you can ensure your TV produces decent sound. You can also connect a soundbar or Bluetooth speaker for a better experience.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Hisense 40A4GTUK

The Hisense 40A4GTUK comes with a full HD display along with DTS Virtual X providing a clear, colourful picture as well as a good sound. It features different modes like the Sports Mode and the Game Mode to provide you with the best viewing experience for each type of content. It has an attractive look and comes with thin bezels. It supports a number of smart features including voice assistant.

Hisense 32A4EGTUK

This TV from Hisense is also a good option to consider for a low budget. It offers a decent picture quality, various smart features and access to a number of OTT platforms as well as a number of connectivity options. Different modes like Sports Mode and Game Mode are also offered on this TV to suit each content well

TCL 32S5209K

The TCL 32S5209K provides you with a number of features under a £200 budget. It comes with a good quality HD display which supports HDR and micro-dimming technologies. Dolby Audio is provided to enhance your experience even more. A number of connectivity options are provided and a number of apps from Google are supported on this TV.

These are the best TV under £200

TVsScreen SizeResolutionPrice
Hisense 40A4GTUK40 inchesFull HDCurrent Price
Hisense 32A4EGTUK32 inchesHDCurrent Price
TCL 32S5209K32 inchesHDCurrent Price
LG LQ6332 inchesHDCurrent Price
Toshiba 32WK3C64DB32 inchesHDCurrent Price
iFFALCON 32F510B32 inchesHDCurrent Price
Samsung UE32T4300AKXXU32 inchesHDCurrent Price

1. Hisense 40A4GTUK 40 inches Full HD TV

Best TV under £200
Image: Aspire360.co.uk

Current Price

The Hisense 40A4GTU comes with 40 40-inch display that has Full HD resolution. It is one of the best 40-inch smart TV under £200 with good picture quality and decent audio. The TV comes with a number of modes, one of them is sport mode which gives an immersive live experience. It also has a game mode which is for playing games by connecting the console.

The TV comes with Alexa built-in, you can ask Alexa to play songs, get weather reports, hear the news, watch football, and control the TV. The build quality of the TV feels decent, you will not find any issue with it if you compare it with other TVs under 200 pounds. It has a large number of applications that are always ready to entertain you. Overall, it is a great Full HD TV for a budget of £200. Click to see Hisense 40A4GTUK Review


Resolution:1920×1080 pixels (Full HD)
Screen Size:40 inches
Dimensions:89.3 x 55.9 x 18.2 cm
Weight:5.4 kg

2. Hisense 32A4EGTUK

Hisense 32A4EGTUK

Current Price

The next TV on our list of the best TV under 200 is the Hisense 32A4EGTUK. This is an HD TV which delivers clear and crisp images. Using Natural Color Enhancer, this TV reproduces colours and offers a vivid and colourful display. Though this TV also comes with DTS Virtual X to take care of the sound quality, still the sound output disappoints us.

This TV features modes like Sports Mode and Game Mode. Through the Sports Mode, the video output during fast-paced modes gets enhanced so that a blur-free video is delivered. Besides, the sound quality also enhances. The Game Mode ensures that input lags get minimised to a great extent.

VIDAA U5 is featured on this TV through which you can get easy access to various OTT platforms like Disney+, YouTube, Netflix and many more. Besides, it also comes with Alexa smart assistant. Speaking of the build quality, the TV is made of plastic and has a simple design. Thin bezels are offered and the plastic stands are easy to attach.

Good connectivity options are featured on this TV from Hisense. It comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 ports amongst which one is eARC which will let you connect to a sound system to compensate for the average sound quality of this TV. Besides, it also offers a USB 3.0 port, a USB 2.0 port, a composite input and a 3.5mm audio jack.


Resolution:1366×768 pixels (HD)
Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:89.3 8 x 86 x 48 cm
Weight:3.8 kg

3. TCL 32S5209K

TCL 32S5209K

Current Price

Another great TV under £200 on our list is the TCL 32S5209K. This budget TV is equipped with many features. It comes with an HD display with HDR technology. This provides a good contrast ratio to your movies and other videos letting your content appear clearer and more precise. The TV is also equipped with micro-dimming feature which lets your picture appear brighter and more lively.

This TV features a slim design and it can be mounted on a wall or made to stand on a table. It comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz which is quite good for a TV of this price range and makes the picture flow smoothly across your screen. The sound quality of this TV is enhanced using Dolby Audio technology giving you an immersive and surround sound experience.

The TCL 32S5209K will provide you connectivity through a variety of ports including the HDMI and USB ports. In addition, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are supported on this smart TV which also lets you connect the TV to various devices like a soundbar or your mobile phone. And through the Chromecast app, you can view your computer or phone screen on this TV.

This TV is loaded with a number of features from Google including the Google Assistant providing you with a hands-free experience. This Android TV is compatible with Google Assistant, Chromecast and Google Home. You can download your favourite music and movies from the Google Play Store. Besides, you can also view content from Netflix, YouTube and Freeview.

Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:17.5 x 73.2 x 48 cm
Weight:4 kg

4. LG LQ63


Current Price

The LG LQ63 is also one of the best TV under 200 as you get many useful features on a budget including smart features. This TV offers you brilliant picture quality as well as sound quality. To make the resolution of the screen even better, the HD technology is paired with Active HDR and offers you a very clear and bright picture.

Equipped with the α5 Gen5 AI Processor, this TV offers AI brightness and is able to automatically control the brightness according to the lighting condition of the surroundings. Even the sound quality of this TV is impressive. The 20W speakers offer 5.1 virtual surround sound which lets you immerse in whatever is playing on the TV. A number of ports are offered on this TV which include two HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB port, an optical port and two areal/satellite ports.

This TV is smart-feature enabled and you can have access to various OTT apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and many others. Smart assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple AirPlay are also supported. It comes with a remote control using which you can give voice commands to your TV but it does not always work effectively. This TV is definitely a great pick for under £200.


Resolution:1366×768 pixels (HD)
Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:18.01 x 73.61 x 46.41 cm
Weight:5.9 kg

5. Toshiba 32WK3C64DB 32 inches TV

Best TV under £200
Image: Aspire360.co.uk

Current Price

Toshiba 32WK3C64DB is one of the best TV under £200 that will never cease to impress you. The TV offers amazing picture quality and definitely, your friends are going to be amazed. This TV features four picture modes: Dynamic, Sports, Cinema, and Natural. Personally, I thought the Cinema mode looked the best because it provided deeper blacks, richer reds, and better contrast for a punchier image.

The smart TV is compatible with the DTS Virtual:X technology, which offers a simulated surround sound experience through the TV’s speakers. The dialogue is easy to understand and follow because the voices and sound effects are well-balanced with any background music. However, impact sounds frequently lack any real punch.

For less than £200, the Toshiba WK3C is an affordable option for anyone looking for a straightforward TV with good functionality to put in a small room for casual viewing, and Alexa is a nice touch. However, I wouldn’t pick the small display for a larger living room, and gamers and movie lovers will probably opt for something a little better with a higher resolution and better app support, but you can not expect a bigger screen size display under £200. Overall it is a great TV for the price, you can consider buying it


Resolution:1366×768 pixels (HD Ready)
Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:79 x 53 x 13 cm
Weight:6.14 kg

6. iFFALCON 32 inches TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

iFFALCON 32F510B is a 32-inch smart UHD HDR Android TV. The smart TV provides vivid colour and greater contrast as the micro-dimming technology analyzes the TV content in various separate zones to adjust the brightness and darkness. The viewers can experience the best quality pictures with enhanced image details and vivid colours while watching their content. It also has a separate sports mode that allows the audience to enjoy the immersive feeling of live-action sports events.

The smart TV runs on the Android operating system and provides great content. It has a voice remote control with which you can explore your favourite shows and movies and discover various ranges of apps and streaming platforms such as YouTube Netflix that comes pre-installed. You can also download more through the Google Play Store.

The smart TV has a built-in Chromecast that lets you cast all your favourite sports movies and games from your mobile to your smart TV. With one tap on your Android, you can cast your content and then continue browsing on your phone or other. With a building Google Assistant, the smart TV offers artificial intelligence solutions by which you can easily control your TV with the voice remote. The viewers can also experience an immersive Dolby audio and smart volume that automatically adjusts itself, eliminating sudden sound fluctuations typically experienced while changing channels or during TV commercials.

The brand is keen to provide its customers with the best quality products at competitive pricing. The smart TV is one of the products the brand sells under a nominal price range with the best quality features that a smart TV should possess. The smart TV is best suited for those having smart homes as the TV can be controlled with Google Assistant and features the picture engine AI sound engine and Dolby audio that lets you watch your favourite shows with great clarity and clear sound.


Resolution:1366×768 pixels (HD)
Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:72 x 18 x 47 cm
Weight:5 kg

7. Samsung UE32T4300AKXXU 32 inches HD TV

Best TV under £200

Current Price

The Samsung 32-inch HDR HD Ready Smart TV will turn your living room into a media entertainment centre thanks to its High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connectors. HDMI allows a wide range of devices to send elevated digital data to your television at rapid speeds. Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer substantially improves the quality of every image and reveals hidden details thanks to a strong picture quality improvement technology. With Wide Color Enhancer, you can see colours the way they were meant to be seen.

The built-in Wi-Fi on the Samsung 32-inch HDR HD Ready Smart TV also allows you to browse the internet and a range of streaming options. There’s also an Ethernet port and HDMI ports for connecting game consoles and other devices. This HD Smart LED TV offers decent image quality thanks to Ultra Clean View, PurColor, and Micro Dimming Pro technology. You can watch the same show on your phone and on your TV at the same time using the mirror feature.

The Samsung HD TV gives more realistic details in both bright and gloomy conditions. The Ultra Clean View employs a unique algorithm to evaluate the original material in order to create higher-quality images with less distortion. Before diving in, you can quickly and conveniently browse numerous entertainment providers and examine thumbnail previews on your Samsung smart TV. The Universal Guide not only displays popular shows and content but also makes recommendations based on your viewing habits over the previous several months. The SmartThings app includes features such as Universal Guide, Remote Control, and Mirror Screen.

Samsung is a well-known and dependable brand, and its televisions are noted for having exceptional smart features as well as great picture and sound quality. This TV could be the best TV under £200 for you.


Resolution:1366×768 pixels (HD)
Screen Size:32 inches
Dimensions:87.5 x 50 x 12.6 cm
Weight:4 kg

FAQs about the best TV under £200

Which is the best TV under £200

Hisense 40A4GTUK and Toshiba 32WK3C64DB are the best TVs under 200. If you want a Full HD and a larger display then go with the Hisense 4014GTUK TV.

Which is the best 40-inch smart TV under £200

The Hisense 40A4GTUK is the best 40-inch smart TV under £200 with a Full HD display. They look amazing in the home, it produces amazing pictures.

Which is the best brand for a TV under £200

These are the best brands for a budget of £200:

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