7 Best Gaming Mouse under £150 in the UK (2023)

If you’re a gamer, you must know the value of a good gaming mouse. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best gaming mouse under £150. In this article, we’ll look at some best gaming mice for a budget of 150.

A gaming mouse is different from a regular mouse. It features extra buttons, RGB lighting and low latency that does everything for gaming. The sensors, designs, extra buttons, and wiring should all be of the highest quality. Gamers also should be able to hold their gaming mice comfortably for long periods of time.

There are tons of items to pick from, making it difficult to make a decision. We searched multiple sites and reviews to get you the best gaming mouse. If you’re looking for a well-performing gaming mouse for your needs, this article is a must-read.  You might also like the Best Gaming Mouse under £100

Let’s get started with this article without further wait.

These are the best gaming mouse under £150 in the UK

Product’s NameButtonsWeightPrice Guide
Razer Viper V2 Pro558 gramsCurrent Price
Razer Naga Pro20117 gramsCurrent Price
Roccat Kone XP Air1199 gramsCurrent Price
Logitech G PRO X563 gramsCurrent Price
ASUS ROG Spatha12178.5 gramsCurrent Price
Razer Basilisk Ultimate11108.86 gramsCurrent Price
Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED11114 grams Current Price

1. Razer Viper V2 Pro

Razer Viper V2 Pro

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Razer Gaming mouse under £150 is the best Gaming mouse under 150 that has a lot of amazing features. The mouse uses a conventional design without a honeycomb structure and still manages to weigh only 58 grammes. This gaming mouse is absolutely stunning in terms of design, and it has a matte finish that feels luxurious to use.

It makes use of Razer Optical mouse switches, which have a satisfying clicky feel and can withstand up to 50 million clicks, according to Razer. Since the gaming mouse is lightweight, it might not be suitable for all users. Overall, the build quality of this gaming mouse is excellent. Flip the mouse over, and you’ll notice some substantial PTFE feet that make it possible for it to easily glide across most mousepads. With regard to the gaming mouse’s battery life, its improved wireless power efficiency allows it to operate continuously for up to 80 hours.

With this highly portable, ultra-lightweight esports mouse, you’ll always be prepared to compete anywhere. It comes with 5 DPI presets by default, and you can increase those up to 30,000 DPI using the compatible software. Overall this gaming mouse is amazing and well worth the money.


  • Very lightweight
  • Exceptional click latency
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Great performance
  • Feels smooth


  • Doesn’t have so many side buttons

2. Razer Naga Pro

Best Gaming mouse under £150

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The Razer Naga Pro is the best gaming mouse under £150 and the first gaming mouse on our list. Because of features like comfort, programmable buttons, Impressively low click latency, a 12-button side panel, and Easy gaming performance modification, I chose this at the top of my selection. It’s a versatile mouse with plenty of customization features and excellent gaming performance. When it comes to the build quality of the gaming mouse, it has done an impressive job. The mouse is well-built and feels very solid in your hands. The build quality of the mouse is better than that of most other mice in its class.

The well-built buttons and scroll wheel give each click a premium feel. The gaming mouse has 19 Programmable Buttons, which can be customised and assigned to complex macro functions using Razer Synapse. When it comes to software, Razer relies on the user-friendly Razer Synapse 3 for customisation. The mouse has an optical sensor with a maximum DPI of 20k and dedicated DPI buttons for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.

Wireless technology on the gaming mouse combines ultra-low latency and interference mitigation for true wireless freedom while also being 25% quicker. The Razer optical mouse switches use light beam-based actuation to register button presses at the speed of light. It comes with three side plates that may be adjusted to have two, six, or twelve buttons apiece. It also includes 16.8 million colour possibilities and preset profiles with Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles.


  • Very comfortable
  • A lot of programmable buttons
  • Impressively low click latency
  • 12-button side panel
  • Easy gaming performance customization


  • Software not available for macOS

3. Roccat Kone XP Air

Roccat Kone XP Air

Current Price

The Roccat Kone XP Air is the next best gaming mouse under 150. Despite being wireless, this gaming mouse is comparatively lightweight. It is designed in a way to feel comfortable. Besides, it seems to work with any grip style that you want to use. This gaming mouse is made up of plastic but its build quality is top-notch. However, the sides of this gaming mouse don’t feel as grippy as they would if they had a rubber material.

This gaming mouse comes with a charging dock. The USB dongle can be plugged into the dock and you can get it right close to your mouse. This will help reduce latency and keep the wireless signal strong. Moreover, the dock adds to the convenience aspect as you can just toss your mouse onto it and it will keep the mouse charged all the time without having to mess around with any wires.

You get 15 programmable buttons on this gaming mouse but in addition, you can assign a different set of functions to these buttons to increase the total number of programmable inputs up to 29. The shape of the buttons is nice and the button clicks feel soft. Also, the button placement is appreciable and the different buttons are easily distinguishable by touch so it is unlikely that you encounter accidental button presses.

The DPI range of this mouse is 19000 which can be adjusted in increments of 50 DPI. This makes it very suitable for gaming. With all these features, you can definitely look forward to purchasing this gaming mouse.


  • Excellent mouse for FPS gaming.
  • Ergonomic build.
  • RGB-lit mouse and dock.


  • Scroll wheel does not have a free-scrolling mode.

4. Logitech G PRO X

Best Gaming mouse under £150

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Logitech G PRO X is another one of the best gaming mice on our list of best gaming mouse under £150. Logitech is also known for providing high-quality keyboards, mouse, power supplies, and a number of other PC components, in addition to mice. The build quality of this gaming mouse is superb and is quite lightweight while its appearance is designed with gamers in mind. This gaming mouse is mostly for high-end players and comes with remarkable skills and beauty that will impress you.

The precision, speed, and consistency of the gaming mouse sensor are impressive. PRO X SUPERLIGHT’s high precision and ultra-fine control give you entire confidence, especially during the frenetic, split-second moments of tournament play. The big, zero-additive PTFE feet glide smoothly, allowing for a pure, fluid connection with the game.

It has almost all of the essential features that a gamer looks for in a gaming mouse. You can also use the Logitech gaming software to customise the 5 programmable buttons on this mouse to meet the needs of the game you’re playing. The main cons of this gaming mouse is, that it is a bit large for small hands people otherwise It is a good choice to go with


  • Low click latency
  • Extremely light
  • Superb build quality
  • Fully compatible with macOS and Windows


  • Large for small hands

5. ASUS ROG Spatha

Gaming mouse under £150

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The next best gaming mouse under £150 is ASUS ROG Spatha. It is a fantastic gaming mouse with the great build quality. The gaming mouse looks solid and comfortable to hand although people with small hands might feel discomfort while playing gaming with this mouse for long hours.

The ROG Spatha gaming mouse has a lot of programmable buttons which is a good thing to play multiplayer games that require skills. You can also customise RGB lighting effects across three areas. Overall, it could be an excellent choice for your gaming PC or laptop if you can ignore the weight and size of this gaming mouse.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Very comfortable for large hands people
  • USB receiver can be used as a charging base
  • A lot of programmable buttons


  • People with small hands might be disappointed
  • Heavy

6. Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed

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The next gaming mouse on our list comes from Razer, the world’s leading peripheral manufacturer, with the Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse. Razer is amazing in its pricing range in terms of outstanding sensor performance. The gaming mouse has a very plain and minimalistic appearance in terms of design and comes with a great fit and feel in the hand. The entire body is made of plastic and has a matte finish for improved grip during long gaming sessions.

The scrolling wheel is rubberized for a firm grip even when your palms are sweaty. In terms of performance, the gaming mouse comes with a gaming-grade sensor that offers superior cursor tracking and performance.

The mouse’s software allows you to assign commands, shortcuts, and macros to the mouse’s 11 programmable buttons. Onboard Memory Profiles on the Razer Synapse enable customization and assignment of complex macro functions. In terms of battery life, It offers a battery of up to 100 hours. Thanks to a brand-new, ultra-efficient sensor and wireless technology, you can play for longer. A drawback of this gaming mouse is that It does not support Bluetooth connectivity options, otherwise, it is a great gaming mouse.


  • Outstanding sensor performance
  • Excellent customization options
  • Great hand fit and feel
  • Wheel-tilt inputs


  • It does not support Bluetooth connectivity options

7. Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED

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The Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse is also a decent gaming mouse. In terms of performance, the G502 is impressive in its price range, it is simple and easy to use. The entire body is made of plastic with a matte surface for better grip during extended gaming sessions. You have complete control over your gaming experience with 11 configurable buttons and a dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel.

To customise your setup and connect with other G gear, use LIGHTSYNC technology and Logitech Gaming Software to alter the RGB illumination from almost 16.8 million colours. This gaming mouse has the disadvantage of being a little heavy and having a less solid scroll wheel, which makes it less than ideal. Apart from this, it is a great choice.


  • Very fast and accurate
  • Plenty of programmable inputs
  • Great build quality
  • Compatible with the Powerplay charging mat


  • A little heavy
  • The scroll wheel feels less substantial

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