5 Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40 in the UK (2023)

Do you like streaming music and podcasts wirelessly? If yes, you must be searching for one of the best Bluetooth speakers under £40 that can be connected to your mobile device for effortless streaming. Bluetooth speakers are on their own and do not depend on the internet for their operation. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers are manufactured so they are easy to carry anywhere you go. Hence, finding the optimum speaker to be your companion on your long journey is important. There are innumerable Bluetooth speakers in the market, and we have mentioned some of them that come under the budget.

The Bluetooth speaker is simple to use; it only requires a connection with a Bluetooth-enabled phone and PC. There is a high-quality Bluetooth speaker at home for watching movies and listening to music. Watching movies and listening to music provides diverse experiences. When used outdoors, the Portable Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is compact and easy to carry, unlike heavier speakers that could not be carried out comfortably.

Bluetooth speakers with portable design have certain advantages over normal speakers in terms of cost. If you’re willing to pay a lot of money for a speaker device, I don’t think it’s necessary. You can get a pretty decent Bluetooth speaker for the price of £40. You might also like the Best Bluetooth Speakers under £60

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These are the best Bluetooth speakers under £40

Bluetooth Speakers’ NameBuying Guide
Anker Soundcore 2Buy From Amazon
JBL GO2Buy From Amazon
Tribit MaxSound PlusBuy From Amazon
Anker Soundcore SpeakerBuy From Amazon
Sony SRS-XB13Buy From Amazon

1. Anker Soundcore 2

Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40

Current Price

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker within your budget, consider Anker Soundcore 2. The speaker is known for its great performance under the given price range, and since its launch, it has become one of the favorite choices of the people. The device is small and lightweight and is easily portable. You can carry this speaker to a birthday party or special event and enjoy music wherever you go. The company claims to provide a battery life of around 15 hours, but that can only be said on the usage. Since it works on the battery, you do not need to worry about plugging the speakers before using it. The Bluetooth speaker can take a dip in the pool with you without getting damaged as it has a rating of IPX7, which allows the speaker in the water for about 30 minutes.

However, there are a few drawbacks that cannot go unnoticed. The speaker is not suited for large parties as it does not produce loud sounds. But, for smaller parties and celebrations, the speaker has fulfilled the requirements, and we give a total thumbs up. The build quality of the speaker is decent and is strongly built. The metal grille protects the drivers, and the design looks durable. The control buttons are proper, and enough buttons are provided for controlling the speaker. The play buttons can be used to activate the voice assistant. The voice assistant feature is provided in the speaker, but it does not stand up to the expectations. This speaker does not have an app to control the elements. The Bluetooth connectivity is decent and can be simultaneously paired with a single device.

The speaker does not have all the features it should have, but considering the price point, it fulfills all the basic requirements of the Bluetooth speaker. If you are searching for more decent speakers, consider raising your budget; otherwise, this Bluetooth speaker is one of the Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40 in the UK. This is the best choice if you are planning to purchase a speaker to listen to music.

2. JBL GO2

Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40

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JBL is one of the most famous brands producing one of the best sound quality in a range of Bluetooth speakers. JBL GO 2 is available in 12 colours. The speaker’s design is classy, and the front metal grille gives the speaker a distinct look. The Bluetooth speaker is lightweight, small, and easily portable, meaning one can carry the speakers wherever you go. It also has an IPX7 rating, meaning the speakers can be submerged underwater for about 30 minutes. Various control buttons are provided on the speaker’s top, ranging from play/pause to keeping the volume high or low. The Bluetooth speaker has a mono speaker with a single 40 mm driver.

However, we cannot expect the speaker to produce a deep bass as it is small but provides apt bass at moderate volumes. Those requiring deeper bass will need to spend more on Bluetooth speakers. But, other than that, if you are searching for speakers that produce a fair amount of sound quality, this speaker is the perfect choice for you all. The speaker comes with a solid rubber grip to keep the speaker in place even after constant vibrations. The Bluetooth speaker has plenty of options under the given price range, and people can purchase the speaker if they wish to.

The Bluetooth speaker can pump out the maximum volume. It is not like the other larger Bluetooth speakers but does the job and can blow the sound of any laptop or tablet. So if you are looking for a speaker which is waterproof and affordable at the same time, this speaker is your choice. We keep the speaker under the category of one of the Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40 in the UK.

3. Tribit MaxSound Plus

Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40

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The Tribit MaxSound Bluetooth speaker has been improved to provide you with a rich, clear, room-filling sound like you’ve never heard before. The Bluetooth speaker was created with mobility in mind to accompany the feel-good moments. This rugged wireless Bluetooth portable speaker is designed to offer a larger-than-life multi-directional sound that will thoroughly immerse you in your music, whether indoors or out.

Its powerful and expressive sound pushes the boundaries for a speaker of this size. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology in this Bluetooth speaker allows for genuine wireless sound up to 100 feet away while maintaining connectivity. With the upgraded MaxSound, you can connect two speakers wirelessly to get surround sound with automated audio and beat synchronisation.

The Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 waterproof, allowing you to listen to music even in the most humid or moist environments. Don’t let a long day trip keep you from bringing music; with a battery life of up to 20 hours, you’ll be able to listen to music all day. Enjoy incredible sound with the simplicity of mobility and no tangled power cables.

4. Anker Soundcore Speaker

Anker Soundcore

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The Anker Soundcore speaker is also one of the best Bluetooth speakers with impressive features. In terms of sound quality, the speaker is fantastic, with enough bass. When a call comes in, the built-in microphone transforms Soundcore Boost into a hands-free speakerphone. The sound quality is incredible, and you will be captivated by it. As a result of the Bluetooth speaker’s outstanding bass, you can listen to high-quality music.

It boasts a 24-hour battery life, which lets you listen to music for longer periods of time between charges. You won’t have to worry about the battery expiring during a party or outing. It also has Anker’s PowerIQ technology, which allows you to charge your smartphone at the fastest possible rate. Furthermore, the connectivity concerns are satisfactory; you can connect multiple devices at the same time without difficulty.

You can manage this Bluetooth speaker from the comfort of your couch thanks to its 66-foot streaming range. So, if you want a portable and user-friendly Bluetooth speaker, this is a great option. Its beautiful design adapts to every environment, letting you enjoy high-quality music at work, at home, or anywhere else.

5. Sony SRS-XB13

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Sony SRS-XB13 is another solid Bluetooth speaker option on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under £40. The speaker is small and lightweight and comes with a strap that allows it to be carried with the listeners wherever they go. The design of the Bluetooth speaker is pretty good and comes with a rating of IP67, as the company claims, providing the speaker with water and dust resistance. The speaker is easy to use and has a plethora of options to use the buttons in the speakers to take control of all the buttons. The build quality seems to be sturdy and durable. The company claims to provide a long battery life of up to 16 hours, which we will find out after using the device. The sp[weaker also comes with a power-saving feature, and the speaker shuts itself down when not used for 15 minutes.

That being said, it has terrible voice assistant capabilities and fails to register the voice controls. The speaker does not come with any apps that can be considered for smooth operation through smart devices. However, it has very good Bluetooth connectivity, making the speaker suitable for watching movies and listening to songs. Only one device can be paired simultaneously, but we do not consider this feature a major drawback. It does not have any Wi-Fi connectivity feature. The speaker’s performance is moderate, and considering the price at which it is sold, the device can be considered for purchase.

The Bluetooth speaker provides all the minimum requirements which can be seen in a speaker. The speaker does not have any companion app, unlike the higher models, but those models are priced in a higher range. Therefore, this Bluetooth speaker is a thoughtful purchase for those requiring a small speaker with maximum portability under a low budget. We have mentioned all the important details of the speaker and can now conclude that this is one of the Best Bluetooth Speakers under £40 in the UK. The speaker provides a good quality sound which already stands in the category of the best speakers under a low budget.

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