Best Soundbars under £150 in the UK (June 2022)

Soundbars have slim profiles, impressive sound quality features, and offer a quick and easy setup, making your life easier. They are available with a wide range of features under different price tags. However, here we will discuss the best soundbars under £150. Flat-screen speakers in a TV lack the technological capabilities to produce the loud and dynamic sound, that soundbars provide. Many soundbars are designed to provide sound that is richer, more realistic, and more consistent. If you have a flat-screen TV, a soundbar is a must-have to get the most out of your viewing experience.

Give your Netflix binge the sound it deserves with a premium soundbar, whether you’re seeking to improve the watching experience for your movie or prepare for your next gaming session. A single soundbar cast sounds into the room, filling the space and creating an immersive, clear, and larger overall sound picture. A Soundbar is an excellent method to enhance the sound quality and realism of your favourite material. Soundbars are a wise purchase for individuals who desire a more immersive audio experience than what comes standard with flat-screen TVs. You might also like the Best soundbars under £500.

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Best Soundbars under £150 Quick Summary

Soundbar’s NameBuying Guide
Samsung S41TBuy from Amazon
Sony HT-SD35Buy from Amazon
Samsung T400Buy from Amazon
TCL TS8111Buy from Amazon
SHARP HT-SBW160Buy from Amazon

Best Soundbars under £150 List

1. Samsung S41T

Best Soundbars under £150

Current Price

The Samsung S41T, which is just amazing, is the first soundbar on our list of Best soundbars under £150. It is one of the best on our list because of features such as ease of setup, good bass for the price, and good sound. It’s one of the most recent soundbars I’ve tried, and based on my experience with it, it’s well worth the money.

You won’t have to be concerned because this soundbar is user-friendly and simple to set up. The sound bar’s sound quality is very superb, and it boasts an all-in-one system with two woofers and tweeters built into its slender body, allowing you to set it wherever in the room for a pure audio experience. Its sound system is intended to blend in with the rest of your home. Furthermore, the timeless design of the soundbar combines natural expression with dimension and durability. The texture and curved shape design, along with cutting-edge technology, create an excellent room-filling sound experience.

The music mode allows you to simply connect your smartphone to the soundbar, which will recognise and optimise what you’re playing so that the quality is maintained as the party continues. The soundbar analyses your sound sources automatically to find the best audio track for your unique content.


  • Easy to set up
  • Good bass for the price
  • Good sound


  • No subwoofer

2. Sony HT-SD35

Best Soundbars under £150

Current Price

This soundbar is extremely user-friendly and simple to set up, requiring very little time and effort. It is loud enough to add a party atmosphare to your living room.

You can examine how the soundbar handles the constant diversity of sound levels from scene to scene while watching a movie. It uses virtual surround sound technology to send sound to every part of the room, offering a genuinely immersive experience without sacrificing audio.

It connects to adjacent smartphones/compatible technology with ease and little waiting time with a simple click of the Bluetooth button on the remote. It also navigates and handles deep basslines and high peaks with ease. The soundbar comes with a new remote control that allows you to easily change the sound using a simple remote control that combines a hand-fit design and straightforward function. The dedicated buttons for altering volume and sound settings make it even easier to enjoy your audio exactly how you want it.


  • Pretty loud
  • Auto-volume mode
  • Dialogue enhancement feature
  • Subwoofer level adjustment


  • No Atmos support
  • Can’t turn off its surround sound mode
  • Compression at max volume

3. Samsung T400

Best Soundbars under £150

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The Samsung T400 soundbar features a simple design that is nearly identical to that of other Samsung soundbars. It’s a plain rectangular block with a black finish. The build quality is fantastic, and it’s well worth the money, as you’d expect from Samsung. The soundbar includes a metal grille on the front and a brushed metal finish on the top. Plastic is used for the sides. The controls are on the right-hand side of the panel. You may control the soundbar’s volume, pick the input, and turn it on and off. It features a simple design. Behind the grille between the speakers is a small LED display. This display is used to collect feedback from users.

In terms of sound quality, this soundbar is a great addition to your home entertainment system. The pricing is reasonable, and you will get a lot of bang for your buck with this soundbar. This is the ideal soundbar for you if you want superb audio quality, a reasonable price, and some useful features.

The Soundbar is a great addition to any living room that doesn’t have a surround sound system or wants to improve one that already exists. It also includes good networking options and a multipurpose remote to make handling your entertainment system as simple as possible. If you don’t have a surround sound system or want to improve your current one, a soundbar is a must-have for your room. The pricing is reasonable, and you will get a lot of bang for your buck with this soundbar. This is the ideal soundbar for you if you want superb audio quality, a reasonable price, and some useful features.


  • Good sound for the price
  • Decent build quality
  • Gets synchronized with the TV volume
  • Some features can be controlled by Samsung TV remote itself


  • Not for the bass lover

4. TCL TS8111

TCL TS8111

Current Price

The TCL TS8111 Soundbar is the next product on our Best Soundbars Under £150 list, and it has been precisely calibrated to deliver strong and clear sound without distortion. The soundbar produces an amazing, clear and rich sound which makes it ideal for party bashes. You may enjoy the loud and clear sound with TCL Soundbars, thus creating a completely immersive listening experience.

It delivers decent bass without taking up space. There is a built-in subwoofer that delivers bass performance while also saving space, making it suitable for smaller rooms or those who like a clean aesthetic. You can keep it anywhere in the room as it fills the room with immersive sound.

There are three different listening modes on this Soundbar: Movie, Music, and News. In dramatic action scenes, the Movie mode allows you to hear dialogue with pinpoint clarity and experience the impact of blows or explosions. Instruments, singers, and bass can all be heard with pinpoint accuracy in music mode. Finally, the News mode separates ambient sound from speech, allowing you to concentrate on the information rather than being distracted by noise.

This soundbar is user-friendly because it is simple to use and set up. The disadvantage that makes this soundbar a little bad is that it provides bass but which is not too high. And people today are more obsessed with heavy bass soundbars.


  • Clean, clear and rich sound
  • Easy to set up


  • Decent Bass but not high



Current Price

The SHARP HT-SBW160 soundbar has a separate flat wireless subwoofer, making it simple to improve the sound quality of your TV. The cinematic sound creates a totally immersive experience, making it ideal for watching movies or TV shows. It boasts a Versatile and Compact Design on the design front. The soundbar has a matte black casing with a mesh grille over the speaker, and it has a sleek, modern look that will go with any current decor. It’s a versatile and modern device that works with a wide number of TVs, PCs, and mobile devices.

When it comes to sound quality, this soundbar allows you to have an Immersive Cinematic Experience. The connector for an optical digital cable provides the foundations for receiving audio signals in perfect digital quality. Moreover, the soundbar features 360W of maximum output power, full-range dual speaker drivers, a 3-preset bass and treble EQ, and bass ports to improve low-frequency performance for a wonderful all-around audio experience.

Overall, I would say that this soundbar from SHARP is quite amazing that is simple to set up and user-friendly. If you would ever want to go on an adventure or a long trip you can definitely consider this soundbar which is well worth your money. The only disadvantage I would like to mention is its heating problem which makes it less ideal as a soundbar. The soundbar heats a lot and may cause problems.


  • Good sound for the price
  • Simple set up
  • Decent bass


  • Sometimes heating problem


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