3 Best Gaming Laptops under £300 in the UK

If you are not a hardcore gamer and are inclined towards basic gaming only then there is no need for you to spend a huge amount of money on buying a high-end gaming laptop. Even entry-level gaming laptops can do the job for you. And that is why we have come up with a list of the best gaming laptops under £300.

Low-budget gaming laptops may not feature the best processors or powerful graphics, but if chosen wisely, entry-level gaming laptops may offer optimal performance to run most of the basic games. And to help you choose a good one, we already have the best gaming laptops £300 shortlisted for you.

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How we picked the best gaming laptops under £300

These may not be many features to look out for when purchasing a budget gaming laptop. But you still need to be particular about a few features that determine the overall functionality of the gaming laptop. Before we move on to our list of the best gaming laptops under £300, let’s first know about these important features.

CPU and GPU:

The performance of your gaming laptop greatly depends on the processor. Make sure you purchase a laptop with a powerful processor. For a budget gaming laptop, a processor from the Intel i3 series is a good option that will offer acceptable performance. The graphics usually equipped on budget gaming laptops are the integrated ones.

RAM and Storage:

For entry-level gaming laptops and basic gaming, a RAM capacity of 8GB is sufficient. If you get more RAM on a budget gaming laptop, it is even better. A lot of storage capacity may not be offered on budget gaming laptops. So make sure that the gaming laptop you purchase has scope for storage expansion.


You can get the best display quality on a budget gaming laptop if it features a high resolution like 1080p Full HD resolution. More pixel density means more clarity. Other than that, take care of the type of panel being offered. A gaming laptop with an IPS-type panel will offer a brighter picture in addition to wide viewing angles.

Other features:

Some other features that you need to check while buying a gaming laptop include the battery life offered, the build quality, portability and connectivity. Make sure sufficient wired and wireless connectivity options are offered. Also, check for whether the keyboard is accessible and whether the trackpad is responsive.

These are the best gaming laptops under £300 in the UK

ASUS Vivobook 158GB 256GB SSDIntel i3 11th GenCurrent Price
SGIN X1412GB512GB SSDIntel Celeron N4500Current Price
CHUWI Gemibook Pro 148GB256GB SSDIntel Celeron N5100Current Price

1. ASUS Vivobook 15

ASUS Vivobook 15

Current Price

The ASUS Vivobook 15 has a decent processor and adequate RAM, making it one of the best gaming laptops under £300. However, the 256GB storage capacity is quite satisfactory and could have been better. The display quality of this gaming laptop is clear and colourful as it features a Full HD display. Moreover, the viewing angles are wide and the screen overcomes glare quite well. For a lag-free gaming experience, Intel Integrated graphics are offered on this gaming laptop. This gaming laptop is, no doubt, worth purchasing.


  • Great display quality.
  • Decent RAM and processor.
  • Good connectivity options.


  • The speakers are not very loud.


Display:15.6-inch Full HD
CPU:Intel i3 11th Gen
Graphics:Intel Integrated Graphics
Storage:256 GB SSD
Dimensions:47.9 x 29.2 x 6.7 cm
Weight:2 Kg

2. SGIN X14


Current Price

The next gaming laptop that we consider among the best gaming laptops under £300 is the SGIN X14. This gaming laptop offers unmatched RAM and storage options. You get 12GB RAM and 512GB storage which is the best in a budget gaming laptop. The Intel Celeron N4500 processor is provided on this gaming laptop which offers acceptable performance and the graphics are enhanced with the help of Intel Integrated graphics. For clarity of visuals, Full HD resolution is provided on it. This gaming laptop features a compact build and is lightweight. The wired and wireless connectivity options offered on this gaming laptop are ample.


  • 12GB RAM offered.
  • Great storage capacity.
  • Lightweight.


  • Average battery life.
  • Heating issues.


Display:14.1-inch Full HD
CPU:Intel Celeron N4500
Graphics:Intel Integrated Graphics
Storage:512 GB SSD
Dimensions:32.9 x 21.7 x 2.2 cm
Weight:1.22 Kg

3. CHUWI Gemibook Pro 14

Best Gaming laptops under £300

Current Price

Featuring a compact and lightweight build along with decent performance for a budget gaming laptop, the CHUWI Gemibook Pro 14 is also one of the best gaming laptops under £300. It features the Intel Celeron N5100 processor and offers 8GB RAM. A good collection of connectivity options is offered on this gaming laptop. Moreover, it features a Full HD IPS display for clear and bright picture output. Intel Integrated Graphics are offered on it and you can definitely consider purchasing this gaming laptop for basic gaming.


  • Decent performance is offered.
  • Great connectivity options.
  • Offers a backlit keyboard.


  • Poor battery backup.
  • Mediocre speakers.


Display:14-inch Full HD
CPU:Intel Celeron N5100
Graphics:Intel Integrated Graphics
Storage:256 GB SSD
Dimensions:31.5 x 23 x 2.2 cm
Weight:1.5 Kg

FAQs about the best gaming laptops under £300

Which are the best gaming laptops under £300?

Offering great performance at a low price, the ASUS Vivobook 15, the SGIN X14, and the CHUWI Gemibook Pro 14 are some of the best gaming laptops under £300.

Can I get more than 8GB RAM in budget gaming laptops?

Yes. More than 8GB RAM is offered on a few budget gaming laptops like the SGIN X14.

Which graphics are featured on budget gaming laptops?

Budget gaming laptops usually feature integrated graphics from Intel or AMD which can be used for basic gaming.

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