Best Gaming Headsets under £40 in the UK

If you are looking for a gaming headset under £40, you have come to the right spot. Today, we’ll tell you some of the best gaming headsets under £40 that come with great features and excellent audio. Today, you can find a wide range of gaming headsets at this price point. You can easily find the right one based on your specific preferences and range, but choosing the right one is not easy. You don’t need to think about it, as I will help you. In the quest to find the best gaming headset for you, I extensively researched multiple sites and read reviews only then have I arrived at this list of best gaming headsets under £40.

As you know, in order to fully enjoy video games, you must have a gaming headset, which allows you to hear sound with great precision and also increases the fun of the game. It is essential if you want to enjoy immersive gameplay in an adventure game or communicate clearly when playing multiplayer games. You should invest in a good-quality headset if you need clear communication during a game or superior sound quality for better gameplay. A gaming headset can provide several advantages to any gamer in order to improve their gaming experience. You might also like the Best Gaming Headsets under £20.

These are the best gaming headsets under £40 of 2022

Gaming Headset’s NameBuying Guide
Razer Kraken XBuy from Amazon
Logitech G332Buy from Amazon
Turtle Beach Recon 70Buy from Amazon
SteelSeries Arctis 3Buy from Amazon
EKSA E1000Buy from Amazon
EKSA E900 ProBuy from Amazon

Let us get started with the list of the best gaming headsets under £40.

1. Razer Kraken X

Best Gaming Headsets under £40

Current Price

By launching the Razer Kraken X wired gaming headset in June 2019, Razer proved a point to gamers that getting a great quality gaming headset doesn’t mean that too much cash has to be spent in the current market. Priced under just £40, you will likely feel as if you are going to get a premium gaming headset at a bargain price. Even though some very high-end features are absent, you get decent onboard controls, an excellent boom microphone, and a rich 7.1 surround sound.

Once you unbox this product, you can see a stylish over-ears gaming headset that comes with an integrated boom microphone. You also have a 3.5mm cable, that you can utilize for connecting the Razer Kraken X to different platforms like PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones. Since this is not a wireless gaming headset, it will strictly be a plug-and-play affair irrespective of the device with which you are planning to connect it.

The headband and slider of this gaming headset are made using a hard thermoplastic material, which makes it ultra-durable. Weighing just 265 grams, you will not at all feel as if this headset is heavy on your head. For people wearing glasses, the hidden eyewear channels are there to provide a superb comfort level. Manufacturing very good gaming headsets available for an affordable price has been a specialty of the Razer brand over the years. The Razer Kraken X is a very decent budget gaming headset best recommended for gamers who have a budget of just £40 or less.


  • Sleek, compact, and stylish design
  • Provides maximum comfort level
  • Delivers high-quality sound
  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Non-rotatable earcups

2. Logitech G332

Best Gaming Headsets under £40

Current Price

The Logitech G332 is a well-designed headset that has a premium feel to it. It has a streamlined appearance that is much easier on the eyes. Aside from a single-volume rocker on the left side, the headset has no additional buttons or features on the cups. The cups have a premium feel and a comfortable design on the cushions.

The headset has the ability to become loud, extremely quickly, while still delivering adequate mids and lows. It has the best overall sound and delivers great sounds throughout. I also watched YouTube videos on the iPad, which was fantastic. Aside from audio, the boom mic produces surprisingly clear audio. The pop filter did a good job of filtering out any harsh popping sounds, and the noise cancellation did a good job of covering up any background noise that came up during gameplay sessions.

Overall, the Logitech G332 is a satisfactory product. It has a design language that makes it appear to be a smaller version of previous years’ high-end headsets, but it delivers decent audio quality that is on par with what is expected at this price range. It even supports Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for when you really need virtualisation. The only disadvantage that this gaming headset has is its Non-detachable microphone and cable which makes it less than an ideal headset.


  • Well-built
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The sound quality is great
  • Easy-to-use onboard controls


  • Non-detachable microphone and cable

3. Turtle Beach Recon 70

Best Gaming Headphones under £40

Current Price

The Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset was launched in April 2021 and it is just a classic example of a basic, simple and user-friendly budget gaming headset. This gaming headset costs less than £40 and it was launched with the purpose of attracting budget-conscious gamers who dream to have a good gaming experience. But please keep in mind one thing if you are a bit more of an enthusiastic gamer. There are no fancy features like rich surround sound, vibrant and colorful LEDs, and several connection options.

One great aspect worth mentioning about this stereo gaming headset is its multi-platform compatibility. Whether it is a PC, a Playstation, or Xbox, or a Nintendo Switch, you will never face any connection problems. Coming to the build quality, you will find it very impressive. Constructed mainly using hard plastic material with a classic matte finish, sturdiness is one of its striking qualities. The earcups and the headband come with very soft leatherette pads and that means discomfort will never be an issue.

Using this gaming headset is a piece of cake. All you need to do is just plug it into the device via the 3.5mm headphone jack and then you are good to go. On the left headphone, you will find a volume dial and a non-detachable microphone which do not feel complicated to use. When you are searching in the market for an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and reliable gaming headset, there are only a few which can match the quality and performance offered by the Turtle Beach Recon 70.


  • Microphone recording quality is decent
  • Well-balanced audio profile
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Feels solidly constructed


  • The noise isolation feature is quite unimpressive
  • Bass output is poor

4. SteelSeries Arctis 3 (Console)

Current Price

When we talk about the gaming headsets market in general, SteelSeries has been a well-established brand for so many years. SteelSeries has produced some iconic gaming headsets that have truly justified their price tags. Even when it comes to manufacturing budget gaming headsets, SteelSeries has been very successful and one such great wallet-friendly gaming headset which should be on your wishlist if you have a limited budget is the Arctis 3 stereo wired gaming headset. Launched in September 2018, this inexpensive gaming headset could probably be one of the best options for you in the £30 to £40 price range.

Coming to its appearance, this over-the-ear gaming headset is available in a stylish black colour and comes with a sophisticated design. Thanks to the big earcups and the adjustable headband made of durable fabric, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable with this gaming headset on your head. On the left headphone, you will find a small wheel for volume control, a flexible microphone, and a button for muting the microphone. But, you will not find any controls or buttons on the right headphone.

In-game audio quality is a major factor based on which gaming headsets are judged and when it comes to that aspect, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 stereo wired gaming headset will blow your mind. Whether you are gaming on a console or a mobile device, it doesn’t matter because you will always enjoy a rich and immersive audio experience.

But, if you are gaming on a PC, you will have added advantages because you can utilize the companion software, SteelSeries Engine 3. Using this software, you can make various customizations to the sound profile. Considering the cheap price at which the Arctis 3 wired gaming headset is available currently, you will really thank the SteelSeries brand just after buying and using it for the first time.


  • Very easy to pair with any device
  • Amazing battery life
  • The matte black design gives it a stylish look
  • In-game audio is good


  • Not recommended for very long gaming sessions
  • A lot of customization options are available but it is difficult to customize

5. EKSA E1000

EKSA E1000

Current Price

Normally, in today’s competitive gaming headsets market, you won’t find very premium quality or high-end gaming headsets priced under £40. But there’s no need to worry too much if you have a very limited budget since you can find a lot of decent quality gaming headsets available at that price point. The EKSA E1000 USB gaming headset is one such good example that will earn your trust and satisfaction once you start using it for gaming.

Coming to the look and feel of this gaming headset, the attractive multi-colored headband, and earcup lining will make it look like it has been designed just for young gamers. Add to that, you also have a vibrant RGB LED setup which gives you the option to choose from four colour accents. They are red, blue, green and grey.

The outer side of each earcup has an RGB light that is pulsating and you can also find the EKSA brand name which is illuminated due to the RGB lights. When it comes to the build quality, this gaming headset is mostly constructed using hard plastic which gives it good durability. You will feel comfortable wearing this gaming headset even for long hours.

The only aspect which feels a bit negative about the EKSA E1000 USB gaming headset is the below-average noise isolation performance. But that just feels like a minor gripe and seems understandable due to a couple of reasons. EKSA is not a very well-established brand in the gaming headsets market and also the E1000 USB gaming headset is just a budget model best suited for casual gaming.


  • Movable earcups
  • The in-game audio is decent
  • Microphone quality is crystal-clear
  • Works with PC, PS4, and Mac OS devices


  • Noise isolation could have been much better
  • Only comfortable to wear for people with small heads

6. EKSA E900 Pro 

EKSA E900 Pro

Current Price

The EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset leaves a very good first impression thanks to its build quality and thick metal ear cups. The earpads are extremely comfortable to touch and wear. The band is a generous size and extremely soft and comfortable. The band is really well padded for those of us with little to no hair to soften the band on top of our heads.

The gaming headset has a detachable microphone that makes it possible to use it for more than just its intended purpose. I say this because some mics on gaming headsets are terrible, but it’s also pretty good quality. These headphones lack noise cancellation, but it is hardly necessary when you have two enormous pleather pillows covering your ears. The sound quality of this gaming headset is also amazing and it sounds rich and fruity in these earphones. The mids are also good.

The EKSA E900 Pro Headset is a great PC gaming headset that works best when gaming or listening to USB-connected movies and music, but it can also be converted for “offroad use” while travelling. The comfort is the most amazing aspect of these gaming headphones and will surely impress you as well.


  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Good voice recording quality
  • Decently comfortable fit
  • Well-balanced sound profile


  • Isolation is not good
  • Audio delivery is not consistent

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