6 Best Gaming Headsets under £200 in the UK (2023)

If you are looking for the best gaming headsets under £200, then this article will help you find the best headset for you. A good quality gaming headset is essential since it can give you an advantage in the game. You’ll need a good gaming headset if you truly want to enjoy playing games. A good headset produces clear, balanced sound and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. In this post, you will get to know why a decent gaming headset is crucial and what factors to consider when purchasing one.

Nothing is more frustrating than playing a game and hearing music from another room or people buzzing around, which can eventually distract you. Multiplayer games also necessitate precise and exact movements and with the sound delay, you might ruin your gaming experience. In that case, you need only a gaming headset with low latency. So, a good gaming headset with good noise-canceling and low latency features is a must-have accessory.

A good gaming headset provides improved, sharp, and clear sound over a normal headset, which is necessary to perform better than other normal headphones. A gaming headset can also produce accurate highs and deep, rich bass, elevating your gaming as well as music experience to new heights. You might also like the Best Gaming Headsets under £150

Now, let us get started with the list

These are the best gaming headsets under £200 that you can buy

Gaming Headset’s NameBuying Guide
SteelSeries Arctis 9Buy from Amazon
HyperX Cloud IIBuy from Amazon
Razer Kraken V3 ProBuy from Amazon
SteelSeries Arctis 7+Buy from Amazon
Corsair HS75 XBBuy from Amazon
Corsair VOID ELITEBuy from Amazon

1. SteelSeries Arctis 9

Current Price

The SteelSeries Artis 9 is one of the best gaming headsets priced under £200 that is worth buying if you are a gamer or if you are just working from home. Thanks to its multi-platform compatibility, you can use this great gaming headset with a PC, PS4 and PS5 and a Nintendo Switch. But that’s not it. Since this headset also supports Bluetooth, it also works nicely with a smartphone or a laptop.

This gaming headset feels ultra-comfortable to wear, sturdy, and user-friendly. Coming to the build quality and design, you will be amazed by the solid metal build, steel suspension frame, ski goggle-style headband and soft ear pads. It is specially designed to be lightweight and fit perfectly for most people. There will be very less overheating which is just another great advantage of using this gaming headset.

Controlling this gaming headset is very simple by using the on-ear controls. There is a power button, Bluetooth button and a Mute button, along with a volume dial, a 3.5mm port and a micro USB charging port on the right headphone. On the left headphone, you can find the microphone and a dial which can be utilized during gaming and online chats. With several user-friendly features and maximum comfort level, the SteelSeries Arctis 9 gaming headset would be an excellent option for professional gamers or working professionals.


  • Excellent and detailed audio quality
  • Comfortable on ears
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with both PS4 and PS5


  • The placement of both control wheels is not good

2. HyperX Cloud II

Current Price

The HyperX Cloud 2 wireless gaming headset is a very decent choice for gamers and at-home workers who prefer a great comfort level for long hours and multi-platform compatibility. Coming to the construction, aluminum is the main material used for manufacturing this gaming headset which makes it lightweight. The headband is adjustable and the ear cups come with thick memory foam ear cushions made of soft leatherette. The headphones are durable since they are made of hard plastic and you can also find stylish black metal panels on them.

Even if you wear this headset throughout the day, you will feel very less discomfort. This is possible due to the softness of the ear pads. When it comes to the onboard controls, you will find it very less complicated with this gaming headset. On the right headphone, you can find a volume dial and the left headphone features a power button and microphone mute button.

To make your usage even easier, this headset comes with a useful companion app called the HyperX Ngenuity app. Using this app, you can adjust microphone volume, activate the power saver functions and turn on the virtual surround sound feature. Priced under £200, this great gaming headset is worth every penny.


  • High-quality audio performance
  • Fit is comfortable and tight
  • Detachable microphone
  • No distortion in the sound output


  • Compatible with only PCs

3. Razer Kraken V3 Pro

HyperX Cloud II

Current Price

Another choice of gaming headset on our list of Best Gaming Headsets under £200 that will never cease to amaze you. The earpads are made of thick, soft memory foam, have sides lined with leatherette, and the surface that touches your head is covered in breathable fabric. A generous amount of faux-leather-covered memory foam is also wrapped around the underside of the headband, creating a tight but comfortable fit.

Most of the Kraken’s controls and connectors are located on its left earcup, including a volume wheel, power button, mic mute button, USB-C charging port, boom mic connector, and a 3.5mm port for using the headset wire. The HyperSense button, which enables the haptic feedback feature, is located on the right earcup. The Kraken functions best when connected wirelessly to a PC. The Razer Synapse software allows you to change settings and activate a number of features, including THX Spatial Audio. The headset is not Bluetooth-compatible.

You can enjoy the headphone’s incredible sound quality and deep bass and is loud enough to give the impression of a subwoofer without actually reaching the low frequencies needed to rattle your head, and they don’t distort at maximum volume. The Razer Kraken V3 Pro is a great wireless headset overall for gaming or music listening.


  • Good Boom mic performance
  • Low latency
  • Great audio
  • Good build quality and comfortable design


  • Battery life is not good
  • Bulky design

4. SteelSeries Arctis 7+

SteelSeries Arctis 7+

Current Price

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ is another choice of gaming headsets on our list of best gaming headsets under 200. This gaming headset is ideal for playing games. It’s quite comfortable, so long gaming sessions are no problem. The gaming headset also features a microphone that is not quite good enough for podcast recording, but it’s loud and clear enough for voice chat and long work conversations. However, while the microphone sounds fine all of the time, it’s much clearer with a wired 3.5mm connection.

The audio quality of this gaming headset also offers more than 60 hours of non-stop playback time, and hence has long battery life. That means even after long gaming sessions this gaming headset will continue to impress you as it will not power off in less than its time. Moreover, the headset has a USB-C dongle which makes the headset compatible with PC, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, and some android smartphones.

For PC gamers, the gaming headset is an ideal all-purpose headset. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who plays on console and PC, or who uses the same headset for work and PC gaming because it works so well across so many use cases, including talking and listening to music. The disadvantage of this gaming headset is that the microphone’s performance is not satisfactory and also this headset does not support Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Offers more than 60 hours of non-stop playback time
  • Solid build quality and design
  • The audio output is well-balanced
  • USB-C transmitter is compatible with PC, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, and some Android smartphones


  • The microphone’s performance is not satisfactory
  • Does not support Bluetooth connectivity

5. Corsair HS75 XB

Corsair HS75 XB

Current Price

Undoubtedly, Corsair’s gaming headsets have a pretty good reputation in the market. The HS75 XB Wireless gaming headset is one of the new models launched by Corsair. Even though the appearance doesn’t look very stylish, we can say that the build quality and the durability are good.

When it comes to construction, the HS75 XB is mainly made out of metal. The adjustable headband is made of stainless steel and it is covered in a soft leatherette cushion which makes it feel light on your head. But the minor drawback here is that the ear cups add to the overall weight since they are made using hard plastic. The ear pads are big and so, even people with large ears will find wearing this gaming headset comfortable.

Anyone will find this gaming headset very easy to use. Using Xbox Wireless, you can connect this headset with your console and there is no need of using a dongle. But the only extra thing to do is that you need to install the Dolby Atmos app if you wish to experience immersive surround sound. Apart from Xbox, you can also use this gaming headset with your PC, provided you use an Xbox Wireless adapter.


  • The bass is really good
  • Works with the Dolby Atmos app
  • Gives you more than 21 hours of continuous playback
  • The microphone recording quality is fantastic


  • Noise isolation is disappointing
  • Doesn’t work with PS4

6. Corsair VOID ELITE


Current Price

The Corsair VOID Elite features a stylish design with cushioned cushions and a headband. They have a rather loose fit and aren’t overly heavy, making them suitable for wearing during shorter gaming sessions. Unfortunately, their oddly shaped ear cups can not suit everyone and can also induce tiredness if used for extended periods of time.

These headphones have a good build quality and are mostly made of pretty dense plastic, however, they do have a flexible metal headband. The ear cups are reasonably well-made and lined with nice cloth-like material. However, the boom microphone appears to be brittle and cannot be disconnected, posing a snagging risk. The battery quality of this headset is also amazing featuring up to 16 long hours. This means that you can play with this headset for long times of gaming.

The disadvantages of this gaming headset are that there are no cable connection alternatives, such as a USD or 3.5mm port, and you can be disappointed with its comfort level. Because everyone nowadays demands a quality headset with next-level comfort, the headset is a little bit uncomfortable, and thus some of you will be unsatisfied with this characteristic.


  • A very impressive design with cushioned pads and a headband
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • The audio quality is magnificent
  • Spatial 7.1 surround precision


  • No wired connection options like USB or 3.5mm slot
  • You might be dissatisfied with the comfort level

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